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As kids grow more independent, a step stool can become essential around the house. A huge part of Montessori in the home is making everyday tasks accessible to the child. Even though we try to create work areas that are down at the child’s level (such as low shelves and a low table and chair), step stools are still needed for toddlers and preschool-aged children to be able to reach to work in the kitchen counter, wash their hands in the bathroom sink, and to use the “big” toilet independently. Continue reading “What age can toddler use step stool?” »

It is a good idea to have step stools around the house, not just in the bathroom. In addition to toilet training and kitchen help, they can also help your kid feel more independent. When shopping for a step stool, it’s important to find one made from durable materials with safety features, such as a non-slip surface and base. We’ve compiled a list of the best step stools for toddlers and kids that are safe, functional, and affordable. Continue reading “Best Step Stools for Toddlers and Kids” »

Once your child is old enough to begin managing things by themselves (think going potty, washing their hands), it’s time to let them have a bit of autonomy with a step stool. This could be anything, such as going to the toilet alone, then washing hands afterward — experts recommend using them during toilet training. Perhaps they want to help out in the kitchen, making some cookies or decorating a pizza. Continue reading “How to choose a toddler step stool?” »