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Once your child is old enough to begin managing things by themselves (think going potty, washing their hands), it’s time to let them have a bit of autonomy with a step stool. This could be anything, such as going to the toilet alone, then washing hands afterward — experts recommend using them during toilet training. Perhaps they want to help out in the kitchen, making some cookies or decorating a pizza. Continue reading “How to choose a toddler step stool?” »

There’s nothing like being a kid and having a morning full of play and then lying down on one of the most fun and comfortable pieces of furniture in existence: the pouffe. If you haven’t introduced your children to a pouffe you are missing out on an amazing experience. Little ones love them and are able to lie on them for hours. They can have fun from a very young age, right through to their teenage years, and the best thing is that it can work for their millions of daily activities. Continue reading “Which pouf is the best for a child?” »