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There are many benefits to unstructured playground time for children of all ages. Children develop in particular patterns. For example, they have to be able to sit up by themselves before they can crawl and eventually walk. Same is true for how they develop their handwriting skills. Tearing, cutting and scribbling occur way before the child is able to write. They have to develop the little muscles (fine motor muscles) in their hands before they are able to grasp a pencil and make legible symbols, known as letters. Continue reading “Is swing good for toddlers?” »

How your children play on their playset will change as they grow and develop. The 2-year-old in the toddler swing will become the 5-year-old who can swing all by herself to the adventurous 10-year-old climbing the knotted rope ladder. The good news is, your kids can enjoy a good quality playset for many years, and the benefits they get from active play will help them gain developmental skills. Continue reading “What age can a child use a swing?” »