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We all want our kids to love books. Reading to your kids at bedtime can be a wonderful bonding experience. It’s one of those activities that makes you pat yourself on the back and feel like you’ve finally nailed it as a parent. Imagine yourself as the best mother the world has ever known, patiently reading and encouraging cognitive development. Continue reading “How do you organize a lot of children’s books?” »

Children want to learn. Their whole reality is a constant discovery of a new world for them. During this whole process, books, letters, and words play a fundamental role, as they will attract all their attention. Although reading comprehension still takes time to appear, family reading can be a wonderful tool to work on it. Continue reading “The relationship between family reading and children’s reading comprehension” »

Did you know that rhymes contribute to child learning? These language resources occur when two or more words have the same or very similar final sounds, and they usually appear in songs and poems as well. Thinking about children’s development, find out below why rhymes contribute to learning and check out poems to help with literacy! Continue reading “Poems for early literacy: The importance of rhymes in children’s learning” »

Choose colorful and sturdy books. As babies get older, they’ll reach out to hold a book and then put it into their mouths to explore it. Board books and books made of fabric or with thicker pages are more durable for very young children. You can borrow children’s books for free from your local library or purchase some of your own. Look for colorful illustrations or photos. Some books have things with texture that can be touched, which makes them even more interesting. Continue reading “What should I read to my baby?” »

When parents talk, read, and sing with their babies, connections are formed in their young brains. These connections build language, literacy, and social and emotional skills at an important time in a baby’s development. These activities also strengthen the emotional bond between parent and child and helps your child reach social and developmental milestones. Here’s are some ideas about why you should read to your baby and also tips for how and when to do it. Continue reading “Why reading to your baby is so important?” »