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Those days are gone when nursery wallpapers were cheesily designed, difficult to apply…and impossible to remove. Baby wallpaper has received a major makeover just like the modern nursery itself-which has evolved to become less flamboyant and more sophisticated. It is no longer necessary to sweat over installing (and then removing) nursery wallpaper when you add instant style to your baby’s room with wallpaper. Continue reading “Dreamy Nursery Wallpaper Designs For Your Little One” »

When you are planning your baby’s nursery, odds are you spend lots of time thinking through your specific design plans: color schemes, coordinating furniture, accents and finishing touches, etc. But here’s something you might not consider: how will the colors you select for your nursery impact your baby’s mood and (most importantly, for our purposes) your baby’s sleep? An important question indeed! Keep reading to learn more about how the colors you choose for your baby’s nursery might impact sleep. Continue reading “What colour promotes sleep for babies?” »