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Have you noticed how trendy it is to put garlands in the baby’s room? You can make personalized models with the child’s name, colored, with prints, in a single tone, and more. You can nail the garlands on the wall or even in the cot. The cool thing about garlands is that in addition to giving personality to the baby’s room, they make the room more fun and give life to the environment. Continue reading “How to Create a Nursery Garland to Hang in Your Child’s Bedroom?” »

We love it when the crib wall is the focal point of a nursery—it’s often the perfect statement piece, and it’s so easy to let your crib bedding set the tone and color palette for baby’s room. But with the crib come very straight lines, and as any designer will recommend, it’s always a good idea to add movement to the decor. And that’s where garlands come in! Garlands come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes and sizes, and with their curved lines, they work perfectly as decor for either a boy’s or a girl’s space. Continue reading “Unique Nursery Garlands to Display in your Kid’s Room” »