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In case you are surprised by the expression: learning tower, we would say that it is a very useful tool that allows the child to carry out daily activities independently, but together with the parents. These learning towers are based on the principle that the child should do things by himself, that is, discover and learn themselves. With this, you will achieve great autonomy for the child, while at the same time you will be reinforcing their self-esteem from a very young age. Continue reading “Are Learning Towers safe?” »

The kitchen is one of the best places for toddlers to learn. Most kitchens aren’t designed with toddlers in mind-the counter is way above their heads, and dangerous items like stovetops and knives all around-but it’s the perfect setting to introduce them to science and math through measuring, pouring, and cooking. Additionally, it sets them on a path to becoming helpful and involved members of the family. Continue reading “Best Montessori Learning Towers for Independent Toddlers” »

Moms love it when our kids are happy, and that’s especially true when we’re trying to focus on cooking dinner. An easy way to keep a smile on their face is to involve them in the kitchen, and the Montessori-style learning tower is a great way to incorporate your kiddos and keep them safe. We’ve rounded up a handful of DIY learning towers (or kitchen helpers, as some people call them) that enable your kids to get in on the cooking action. Continue reading “DIY Learning Towers To Keep Kids Happy In The Kitchen” »