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A balance board, also called a wobble board, is an excellent toy for your child for a number of reasons. It can serve as a great playtime accessory and even be used as a tool for exercise. But what kind of balance board is best for your child and what ages should they start using them? Don’t worry because we’ve answered those questions and more! Continue reading “What can kids do on a balance board?” »

Vestibular systems play a key role in all of this. Never heard of it? The Vestibular System relates to the inner ear, and how the body analyses balance and movement. Some kids are extremely sensitive to Vestibular input (like my son) and are fearful of certain movement. Other kids crave it and do all sorts of acrobatics to get the input they desire. Balance Boards help kids to get positive Vestibular input while feeling secure in their immediate environment. Continue reading “What are the benefits of a balance board for kids?” »

It’s a popular toy for kids (and adults) and one of the best balance boards around. Simple, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing, this eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing product encourages active and imaginative play, while also offering infinite possibilities. Children will enjoy playing with this popular toy for years to come, whether it’s a gift for a birthday or a Christmas. Continue reading “Best Wooden Balance Boards For Active Toddlers & Kids” »