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Have you ever questioned why we put a mirror in our baby’s room? It’s common to see a low mirror in Montessori nurseries, in Nidos and infant classes. In a Montessori room, the mirror is used so that the child can get to know himself and understand that he is a person distinct from his mother. Thus, by seeing himself, the child begins to recognize himself as an individual, helping in the development of autonomy and willpower. Continue reading “What is the importance of the mirror in the baby’s room?” »

It sure seems like a baby’s love affair with their reflection starts right away, doesn’t it? From early in the first year, most babies smile, babble, and laugh at their chubby little faces reflected back at them. In fact, it’s one of their favorite activities – so much so that the car seat mirror has become a must-have. Continue reading “At what age do babies recognize themselves in the mirror?” »