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Playing dolls’ houses is an activity that never goes out of fashion. In fact, at the moment it is one of the most fashionable games. It is an interesting toy for child development. It is a game that children play without anyone having to teach them what to do. They just imitate what adults do in their daily lives. Continue reading “What are the benefits of buying your child a dollhouse?” »

A ball pool can help your child develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. As your child is sat in the ball pit, he or she will learn to grab and pick up the bright colored balls, but since it is in your own home, you don’t need to worry about other children spreading germs to your little one. In addition, you can teach your child colors as they reach for the balls and challenge them to find a ball of a certain color. Continue reading “What age is a ball pit suitable for?” »

Each and every parent wants to ensure their child the best conditions to play, relax and learn. But how to do it? The best way is to equip the child’s room with interesting, attractive accessories that create a lovely atmosphere and boost imagination and creativity. A perfect product that meets all the criteria and requirements of both parents and their child is a teepee tent. Continue reading “What age is a teepee for?” »

Choosing the right toys for their children can be a real challenge for some parents. With the new wave of technology, children are spending a lot of time connected to smartphones and computers, which is not beneficial for their development. In addition, the market has very technological toys, which hardly capture the attention of children and get damaged easily. What to do in this scenario? The answer lies in wooden toys. Continue reading “How do wooden toys help child development?” »