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The cloud and star baby room is one of the most successful themes among mums today. Light, modern and versatile – even for unisex decoration – the clouds and stars build a peaceful atmosphere and full of possibilities. And they don’t even need to be the only theme of the corner! The best of the baby room with the cloud and star is that it adapts to other styles. Just be creative, a touch of originality, and a lot of willingness to stay tuned to what is making success in the décor.
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Is your child very shy? Does he/she has little sociability and difficulty in expressing him/herself? Be aware that none of these characteristics is definitive. Fortunately, human beings have the capacity to mature emotionally, adapt and progress. However, they must have the tools to do so. When we talk about theatre at school, for example, we are talking about an activity that goes beyond acting. Continue reading “Understand the importance and role of theatre at school” »

It is normal for small children to be afraid when it comes to sharing something. At the same time, it is also normal for them to feel that everything they want should be theirs, even if it belongs to someone else. Sometimes, small children may even behave violently to defend what is “theirs”. Nevertheless, it is necessary to teach children to share, showing them that by doing so they can gain even more. Continue reading “How to teach children to share?” »