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In today’s culture, there are definitely thoughts and beliefs for how children should play and what they should play with. The media, society, and toy manufacturers expect boys to play with cars, balls, and blocks, and girls to play with dolls, kitchens, and dress-up clothes. It is important for children to have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys and participate in a variety of activities. Continue reading “How does playing with dolls help a child’s development?” »

Weaning begins when older babies begin to show an interest in solid food. The sensitive period for weaning occurs at around 6 months of age. Prior to this time, children were only fed through methods such as bottles or breasts. For them, it is exciting to realize that they can grasp foods now and have more control over tastes and textures. Continue reading “Why do you need a Montessori weaning table and chair?” »

Picking out the perfect gift for your children can be a challenge. At their young age, they still cannot appreciate sentimental gifts. Today, most toys available on the market are easily breakable. Also, your kids will set them aside when something better and new comes along. Yet there are a few gift ideas that will surely brighten the day of your child, and one of them is definitely a doll pram.
Continue reading “What are the benefits of a doll’s pram?” »