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Most parents want their children to be obedient, attentive, intelligent and pleasant. They want the best for them and, to achieve this, they work long hours and hours and suffer through the setbacks that present themselves. Many also want to stimulate creativity in children. If only they had a magic wand! On this last subject, how can we stimulate creativity in children? How can we make them produce those magic moments when new ideas come to life out of sheer ingenuity? Continue reading “Three key points to stimulate creativity in children” »

Children want to learn. Their whole reality is a constant discovery of a new world for them. During this whole process, books, letters, and words play a fundamental role, as they will attract all their attention. Although reading comprehension still takes time to appear, family reading can be a wonderful tool to work on it. Continue reading “The relationship between family reading and children’s reading comprehension” »

Do you know everything you need to do to get a memory trail created in your brain? Have you ever stopped to think about the mechanisms involved in learning? Do you think that just by seeing how to bake a cake, ride a bike or recite a poem you would be able to replicate what you have seen? In this article, we will talk about meaningful learning. Continue reading “Meaningful learning: The value of learning by doing” »

Imagine that a child breaks a plate and, quickly, his father or mother runs to scold him. After that, the child decides to lie to avoid the scolding. The atmosphere that is created may end up being unsustainable, and the sincerity in childhood is gradually lost, because children, as well as elders, do not like to receive punishments and reprimands for every mistake they make. Continue reading “Sincerity in childhood strengthens emotional intelligence” »