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The Montessori method was developed at the beginning of the 20th century in Italy, with the aim of helping children to achieve an integral development. It is characterised by giving the little ones an active role in their own learning, defending the need to favour the natural development of their aptitudes through the exploration of their environment and, consequently, their discovery. Continue reading “What makes a toy a Montessori toy?” »

When the time comes to choose a gift for a child, educational toys are always an excellent choice, as they allow children to play games that not only entertain but also encourage their development at various levels. These toys stimulate motor coordination, concentration, memorization and expression skills, reasoning, and observation skills, among many other abilities. Continue reading “Why is it important for children to have educational toys?” »

Montessori is becoming a more and more popular way of raising children. It is a style of education that focuses on the independence of the child and has proven itself with some impressive results. A form of independence can be given to a child by letting them choose their own clothes. An exciting way for the child to do this is by giving them their own wardrobe in their size! Continue reading “What is a Montessori wardrobe?” »

There’s nothing like being a kid and having a morning full of play and then lying down on one of the most fun and comfortable pieces of furniture in existence: the pouffe. If you haven’t introduced your children to a pouffe you are missing out on an amazing experience. Little ones love them and are able to lie on them for hours. They can have fun from a very young age, right through to their teenage years, and the best thing is that it can work for their millions of daily activities. Continue reading “Which pouf is the best for a child?” »