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If you remember standing with your back to the wall with a book on your head and measuring your height with a pencil as a child, you’ll know how special it is to chart your growth over the years. But now we live in a world full of DIY projects and crafts, so scrawling on walls is a thing of the past. The following are some of the best DIY growth charts you can make as a family that will be cherished long after you’ve grown up and moved on. Continue reading “Clever DIY Growth Charts for Kids” »

During the first months of life, the main factor influencing the height and growth of your child is nutrition. Therefore, in general and under normal conditions: “if during the first months of postnatal life a child eats well, it will grow well”. According to data from the Spanish Paediatrics Association, from 6-12 months of life, little by little, the hereditary component of growth becomes clear. Continue reading “What are the factors that influence my child’s height?” »