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Frenchie lovers will never get tired of seeing their favorite breed, whether that’s in the flesh, on the TV, or as a gift. This collection includes some of the best French Bulldog gifts around, from t-shirts for her to hoodies for hounds, along with brilliant home décor ideas and some truly special jewelry. Continue reading “French Bulldog Gifts for the Frenchie Lover In Your Life” »

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without your best friend. That’s why we at A Matter Of Style want to give you plenty of options when it comes to picking out a costume for your pooch. From funny dog costume ideas (let’s face it, they’re all funny) to the downright adorable, these costumes will give you endless inspo for your other pet Halloween costumes as well. Here are some of our faves.
Continue reading “Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Pooch” »

When it comes to our pets, we fully admit that we’re those nerdy pet owners who probably go more out of the way to make our pets feel and look good than some people might for their kids. The animals in our house are totally spoiled, but they’re so well behaved and loving that we just feel they’ve earned a bit of special treatment! That’s why no one in our lives will be surprised to learn that we often craft for our dogs. We’ve made them all kinds of things throughout the years but possibly one of our favourite things to make and remake so that they have all kinds of styles and options is their collars! Continue reading “Adorable Dog Collars to Make Walk Time Extra Stylish” »

Are you one to spoil your dog every chance you get? Well, you have come to the right place. And don’t worry, we will not bore you with the same old, classic gift ideas. Instead, we have something special in store for you. Read on to find out which of these unusual and amazing gifts are ideal for your furry friend. Continue reading “Unusual and Stylish Dog Gifts for Your Furry Friend” »