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Moms love it when our kids are happy, and that’s especially true when we’re trying to focus on cooking dinner. An easy way to keep a smile on their face is to involve them in the kitchen, and the Montessori-style learning tower is a great way to incorporate your kiddos and keep them safe. We’ve rounded up a handful of DIY learning towers (or kitchen helpers, as some people call them) that enable your kids to get in on the cooking action. Continue reading “DIY Learning Towers To Keep Kids Happy In The Kitchen” »

Why get Mom something generic for Mother’s Day when you can get her a personalised gift? Giving your mom an item with her name or initials shows that you put a little extra thought and time into picking out something made just for her — literally. If you want to be extra creative, you can customize your gift with a significant date or location in her life. How sentimental is that? Continue reading “Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Use for Years to Come” »

Buying a Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. After all, what do you get the woman who changed your diapers, taught you to walk, and put up with your teen tantrums? Luckily, a piece of jewelry is the perfect way to say thanks to Mom (or grandma, or your mother-in-law) for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Gorgeous Pieces of Mother’s Day Jewelry Mom Will Wear Forever” »

We were all kids once, and we all loved toys! As a mother, you certainly know just how attached your children are to their toys and, at the same time, just how difficult it can be to sort them out and to store them properly. In the end, the last thing you want or need is to step on a piece of LEGO in your child’s room – that is painful! If you want to get some original, practical, simple and affordable toy storage ideas, then here you will find tens of them. Continue reading “Amazing Toy Storage Ideas For Moms” »

Over the years, your mom has never failed you – every birthday, every Christmas, she has made it as magical and as special as it could be. Now it’s your turn to return the favor. Choose a birthday gift for mom that she would never expect to receive, and experience the joy she felt every year as she watched you unwrap those gifts she’d painstakingly chosen for you. Continue reading “Unique Birthday Gifts for Moms of All Ages” »

A special lady’s birthday calls for an extra special gift; after all, she deserves to be spoiled, right? And let’s face it, choosing the right birthday gifts for her will go a long way to keeping you out of the doghouse! She’ll never be this age again, so celebrate this milestone, whichever one it may be, with something she didn’t even know she needed. Continue reading “Unexpected and Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Her” »

Moms do practically everything for us, from when we’re newborn babes to well into adulthood. And as much as we’d like to think the sheer enjoyment of our company is enough to repay for them for the late nights, homework help, and hours on the phone counseling us through our worst moments, we all know, deep down, mom deserves a thoughtful gift in return once in while. Continue reading “Quirky Gifts for Moms Who Love to Laugh” »

She gave you life. She bakes the best brownies. And she still does your laundry when you come home for a visit. How do you say “thank you” to the woman who is not just your mom but also your forever friend? That brunch you’re planning is a start, and quality time is another fave, but if Mother’s Day snuck up on you this year (dang it, iCal!) and getting Mom that perfect gift or thoughtful card fell through the cracks, no worries. Continue reading “Ultra-Last-Minute Cards and Gifts to Shower Mom With Love” »

The baby shower has come and gone, and you’ve gifted your BFF with onesies galore, tear-free bath products, and enough teeny-tiny little hooded towels to last into the toddler years. Now the baby is here, and you need a gift for the new mama. Not just any gift — a holiday present. It’s time to put the new mom in the spotlight to brighten up her season. What could be better than presents that will make her life easier? Continue reading “Lovely Holiday Gifts to Pamper New Moms” »