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Can you remember dressing up when you were a child? Did you have a favorite character or item to dress up as? Dress-up play allows children to run wild with their imaginations and to play as anyone or anywhere! Making a fabulous dressing up box for kids is easy and affordable, and carefully selected dress up ideas can promote and enrich children’s imaginative play. Continue reading “Must Have Dress Up Ideas To Promote Imaginative Play” »

It is no secret that Pretend Play forms an essential part of a child’s development. Children learn by observing, imagining and doing. We often think of “play time” as a time reserved for running around the playground and letting off steam between lessons, or for sitting down quietly with a few good toys to tinker with. These forms of play are important in themselves, but they are not the only forms of play. Continue reading “How does pretend play help a child’s development?” »

When kids pretend they’re pirates or secret agents, or create their own characters using dolls or Lego figures, it seems like they’re playing simple games—literally engaging in child’s play. But what’s going on when kids use their imaginations and pretend when they play is actually very complex, and very good for kids’ development. Here are some key ways imaginative play is beneficial for kids. Continue reading “How do I pretend to play with my toddler?” »