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Have you noticed how trendy it is to put garlands in the baby’s room? You can make personalized models with the child’s name, colored, with prints, in a single tone, and more. You can nail the garlands on the wall or even in the cot. The cool thing about garlands is that in addition to giving personality to the baby’s room, they make the room more fun and give life to the environment. Continue reading “How to Create a Nursery Garland to Hang in Your Child’s Bedroom?” »

If you’re looking for something to get your kids off the computer and away from the TV and into reading more books, you should definitely join the teepee trend! The teepee is just what it sounds like – a small tent made of sticks and fabric you can decorate however you like for your kids to play (and read) in. It’s an easy DIY project that anyone can do, and your kids will probably love you for it! Here are just a few teepee design ideas to get your inspiration flowing. Continue reading “Whimsical DIY Teepee Reading Nooks for Kids” »

We sometimes have to encourage kids to put down the iPad, step away from the Xbox, or pause YouTube. However, getting them to go and stay outside can be difficult. So why not split the difference? Give them the opportunity to get fresh air and enjoy the benefits of having a playhouse overhead. Imagine it as the kid-friendly version of the tiny house craze. Continue reading “DIY Playhouse Ideas That Will Make Your Kids’ Dreams Come True” »

If you have a spirited and energetic toddler, you’ve probably spent some time thinking of activities to keep them occupied during these cold, restricted months. Are you looking for ways to promote imaginative play? We bet your child would use a busy board for years! A typical busy or activity board consists of old skeleton keys, latches, knobs, locks and other random objects. Take a piece of plywood or wood and paint it or decorate it as you like. Then just attach all the stuff you have and voila! Besides being decorated, painted, etc. The stuff can also be customized. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to create something for your children! Continue reading “DIY Busy Boards For Toddlers That Are Cool And Easy” »

Moms love it when our kids are happy, and that’s especially true when we’re trying to focus on cooking dinner. An easy way to keep a smile on their face is to involve them in the kitchen, and the Montessori-style learning tower is a great way to incorporate your kiddos and keep them safe. We’ve rounded up a handful of DIY learning towers (or kitchen helpers, as some people call them) that enable your kids to get in on the cooking action. Continue reading “DIY Learning Towers To Keep Kids Happy In The Kitchen” »