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Once you’ve thrown a number of parties throughout the year, you’ll certainly find that you have to get a little more creative than the average person if you’re going to keep the decorating process and the decor itself interesting. That’s why we’ve been looking up unique ways to get crafty with balloons, rather than just blowing up regular balloons, bunching them together, and calling it a day. Of course, if we’re going to get crafty with something as bright and fun to work with as balloons! Continue reading “Funny Balloon Party Crafts to Make With Your Kids” »

Easter simply isn’t the same without candy. After all, when you think of the spring holiday, Easter baskets filled with cute chocolate bunnies and pretty pastel Easter candy eggs are among the first images that come to mind. From DIY Cadbury eggs to easy Peeps treats, our homemade Easter candy recipes are so good, you may never buy store-bought candy again. Call the kids to the kitchen – it’s time to whip up some easy candy recipes. Continue reading “Easy Easter Candies to Make with Your Kids” »

What can be cuter than My Little Pony? Unicorns, of course! This is a timeless and cool magical animal that is loved by kids and adults, and I’m sure if you provide some unicorn decor for your kids’ space and some unicorns to play with, they will be excited! So let’s make some. Here are some DIY unicorn crafts to channel free and liberating unicorn energy from and who knows, maybe an actual unicorn finds its way to you! Continue reading “Funny DIY Unicorn Crafts For Your Children” »

Easter is just around the corner and it’s sad to say, “I’m not ready yet.” In need of some Easter bunny ideas to make your homestead Easter ready? If you want some decoration ideas that include the Easter bunny you’ve come to the right place. We can’t imagine celebrating Easter without one or two of those little critters. So if you also want to decorate your home with Easter rabbits, take your pick from this list. Continue reading “Cute Easter Bunny Decorating Ideas For Your Home” »