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Do you remember when you used to string your mom’s blankets across the chairs in the dining room and use every last clothespin in the house to secure them? Those were magical times, weren’t they? The kids may have tons of toys around the house, but a playhouse is even more fun… a smaller space inside of your home that they can call their own. Here are some great tablecloth playhouses that busy Moms and Dads can do it. Continue reading “DIY Tablecloth Playhouse for Creative Kids Play” »

If you have a spirited and energetic toddler, you’ve probably spent some time thinking of activities to keep them occupied during these cold, restricted months. Are you looking for ways to promote imaginative play? We bet your child would use a busy board for years! A typical busy or activity board consists of old skeleton keys, latches, knobs, locks and other random objects. Take a piece of plywood or wood and paint it or decorate it as you like. Then just attach all the stuff you have and voila! Besides being decorated, painted, etc. The stuff can also be customized. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to create something for your children! Continue reading “DIY Busy Boards For Toddlers That Are Cool And Easy” »

There’s nothing sweeter than making handprint art & crafts to preserve your children’s little hands forever! Handprint crafts are a wonderful way to memorialize our kids when they are young. These crafts are a wonderful way to save memories of your little ones for when they get bigger. They make great keepsakes and grandparent gifts. Plus, these ideas will inspire you for other handprint projects you might want to try with those chubby little fingers. Continue reading “Fun Handprint Art & Crafts for Toddlers” »

Whether it’s Easter time or not, bunnies are a much-loved creature that we can celebrate all-year-round. From their fluffy tails to those adorably long ears, what’s not to love about this animal? Bunnies are also popularly represented in craft projects, so today we’ve rounded-up DIY bunny crafts ideas that rabbit lovers are going to go hopping mad for! Continue reading “Cute Bunny Crafts for Kids” »

Here are some great ideas for fun and easy Valentine crafts for kids. Grade-schoolers love making and sharing Valentine’s creations with friends and family. And what better way for kids to say “I love you” than with Valentine crafts that they lovingly created with their own hands? Try any of these fun Valentine crafts with your child; you’ll find yourself having fun making and sharing them too! Continue reading “Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids” »

Once you’ve thrown a number of parties throughout the year, you’ll certainly find that you have to get a little more creative than the average person if you’re going to keep the decorating process and the decor itself interesting. That’s why we’ve been looking up unique ways to get crafty with balloons, rather than just blowing up regular balloons, bunching them together, and calling it a day. Of course, if we’re going to get crafty with something as bright and fun to work with as balloons! Continue reading “Funny Balloon Party Crafts to Make With Your Kids” »