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Happiness, fear, sadness, shame, anger, and love. Disgust, jealousy, anxiety, excitement, longing, and frustration. These are some of the emotions and feelings that children experience from their very first years of life. And it can be a real challenge to learn to live with so many different sensations! With that in mind, do you know how to teach your child to deal with emotions? Check out the text below and find out how to help little ones to better understand their feelings! Continue reading “How to teach your child to deal with emotions?” »

The social, cultural and family transformations that have been occurring in recent decades have had a great impact on the role of the father figure. The condition of “father” has evolved from the role of disciplinarian, who was little involved affectively in the upbringing of children, to a person who is equally responsible for all the stages of the child’s upbringing and development together with the mother. Continue reading “Why are father figures important to the development of a child?” »

Curious as it may seem, babies’ brain systems are more active than those of adults and are capable of forming millions of connections in their very first years of life. Therefore, knowing how to encourage this nervous performance of the little ones and ensure their cognitive development is a fundamental task for mommies and daddies. Continue reading “What activities can help a child’s cognitive development?” »

As a parent, you want the best for your children, and this goes for the toys you choose as well. The role of fun and games in childhood development is greater than one may think. Not only does it influence the development of motor skills, but it also affects how children learn important skills and get to know their environment. This is why your encouragement of playtime is a must. Continue reading “Why are tents good for kids?” »

A playhouse is a great way to add extra fantasy to your children’s childhood. Providing a safe and controlled outdoor environment will allow your little ones to express themselves by letting their imaginations and creativity run wild! Simply fill it with a multitude of toys and furniture, then let your kids run wild. The best way to make your playhouse as fun as possible is to decorate it! Continue reading “What is the purpose of a children’s playhouse?” »

Almost any child psychologist will tell you that a child needs their own personal space at home, a sanctuary if you will, and a place they can call their own. When you have several children sharing bedrooms, this becomes even more important. One of the best things you can do for them, especially the younger ones, is to provide them with some sort of playhouse. Continue reading “Why are playhouses good for kids?” »

In today’s culture, there are definitely thoughts and beliefs for how children should play and what they should play with. The media, society, and toy manufacturers expect boys to play with cars, balls, and blocks, and girls to play with dolls, kitchens, and dress-up clothes. It is important for children to have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys and participate in a variety of activities. Continue reading “How does playing with dolls help a child’s development?” »