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For children sleeping early is essential for growth (due to the elimination of the growth hormone, GH occurs in precisely this first sleep cycle at night) and for their healthy development. Sleeping the number of hours necessary for each age is what keeps the human being physically and emotionally healthy (considering that the first and second part of the night perform different functions for our body and losing any of them can lead to various problems for our health and quality of life). Continue reading “What is the best time for babies and children to sleep at night?” »

Usually, on the subject of child sleep, there is a common doubt: the fear or strangeness of letting the baby sleep totally in the dark. Mums report that they prefer to leave a lamp on, a light in the hallway, a light in the bathroom, in short, something that comforts the baby so that he doesn’t feel alone or afraid (without knowing that most of his cries have nothing to do with it). Continue reading “Why should babies and children sleep in the dark?” »

When you are planning your baby’s nursery, odds are you spend lots of time thinking through your specific design plans: color schemes, coordinating furniture, accents and finishing touches, etc. But here’s something you might not consider: how will the colors you select for your nursery impact your baby’s mood and (most importantly, for our purposes) your baby’s sleep? An important question indeed! Keep reading to learn more about how the colors you choose for your baby’s nursery might impact sleep. Continue reading “What colour promotes sleep for babies?” »