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If you are a mother or father of a newborn, you probably know very well that almost desperate moment at the end of the day when the baby starts crying non-stop… Yes, it is quite common for very young babies to cry a lot, after all, this is their way of communicating. However, there is a specific period when things seem to become even more complicated. From around 4 pm to 8 pm, the famous witching hour (arsenic hour) takes place. Continue reading “How do I calm my baby during witching hour?” »

If you’ve recently received a newborn in the family, you must be full of questions. That’s totally normal! As many questions as you may have, we can bet that 50% of them will have to do with your baby’s hygiene. Especially when you’re ready to give them their first bath, with all of their new towels, toys and picture-perfect moments. But, how often should you wash some of these elements? Especially towels. Let’s take a look at this interesting guide. Continue reading “How often should you wash your baby’s towels?” »

Babies’ sleep is most often a challenge for families and the regression of the baby’s sleep is often a topic addressed in paediatric consultations. A newborn baby needs to sleep for several hours, around 16-20h in a day, but for nutritional reasons and immaturity of the sleep cycles, sleep is divided into periods of 1-4h, after which he is awake for feeding and care. Continue reading “Regression of baby’s sleeping hours: what to do?” »