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Some people are under the impression that, since safe sleep recommendations say not to place loose blankets in a baby’s crib for sleep, you don’t need any baby blankets. This simply isn’t true! Baby blankets are useful for so much more than sleeping, and many blankets can be used to tightly and safely swaddle your newborn. Baby blankets are so adorable, it’s hard not to want them all! Continue reading “How many blankets do you need for a baby?” »

Are you waiting for the birth of your baby? Or maybe you are busy with your little one even as you finish up with the last touches to the new nursery? But, have you got a perfect and cozy baby blanket for them? Instead of shopping around endlessly, why not personalise your baby blanket that offers precisely what you are looking for! Continue reading “Endearing Fabric Baby Blankets to Wrap Your Bundle of Joy In” »