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For parents like you, any task related to caring for your baby is enjoyable— even changing diapers! You will notice that in the first week of birth, a baby sleeps more and feeds less, but as you move forward to the second week when the baby warms up on breast milk or bottle feeding, the bowel movement comes as often as 5-10 times a day! There will be moments when you are still in the middle of putting on a new clean diaper, and the baby poops again. Continue reading “How many changing pad covers do I need?” »

Interacting with babies from gestation is fundamental for healthy development and also for strengthening the bond between adults and children. And when we talk about interaction, it is worth reading, singing, listening to music, talking and, above all, dancing with the little ones! After all, through dance, we can express emotions and feelings, exercise creativity and experience different rhythms. Do you want to know more about the importance of dancing with babies? Keep reading. Continue reading “Why is dancing important for babies?” »