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Montessori believes that an environment should be tailored to the child. This often means equipping your home with child-sized furniture. Having comfortable furniture allows children to move around independently. Weaning tables are no different. It allows babies to transition from a liquid diet (nursing or formula) to eating solid foods. This allows babies to enjoy a meal in the same way they have seen their parents since birth. Montessori weaning tables have many benefits, in our opinion. Continue reading “What are the benefits of the Montessori weaning table?” »

With a weaning table and chair set, you can create a wonderful Montessori environment in your home. Your baby will fit perfectly in it. Introducing them to the joy of eating at the table will allow them to develop independence and a sense of self-worth as well as teach them the joy of eating. This is an alternative to a high chair, and it shows your baby he or she has a special place in your home just for them. Continue reading “When should I start weaning my baby’s table?” »

If you have a baby at home you must have noticed that right in the first months he or she starts to take everything in front of them into their mouth, including hands and feet. Welcome to the child’s oral phase, which is exactly during the first two years of life and also coincides with the birth of the first teeth. And it is exactly in this period that a simple object begins to have fundamental importance for your child’s oral health: the teething toy. Continue reading “What is the importance of the teether for the baby’s oral health?” »