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If you have a baby at home you must have noticed that right in the first months he or she starts to take everything in front of them into their mouth, including hands and feet. Welcome to the child’s oral phase, which is exactly during the first two years of life and also coincides with the birth of the first teeth. And it is exactly in this period that a simple object begins to have fundamental importance for your child’s oral health: the teething toy. Continue reading “What is the importance of the teether for the baby’s oral health?” »

If you are a mother or father of a newborn, you probably know very well that almost desperate moment at the end of the day when the baby starts crying non-stop… Yes, it is quite common for very young babies to cry a lot, after all, this is their way of communicating. However, there is a specific period when things seem to become even more complicated. From around 4 pm to 8 pm, the famous witching hour (arsenic hour) takes place. Continue reading “How do I calm my baby during witching hour?” »

There are different reasons why a baby comes into the world earlier than expected. This is the premature or pre-term baby, who is born before 37 weeks of gestation. This anticipation demands some extra care to accompany their development in the best way, considering not only their chronological age, but also their corrected age. Continue reading “Corrected age for preemies: what it is and how to calculate” »