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Activity cubes come in all shapes (well mostly cube-shaped, but triangles, tables and just big boards can be found as well) and sizes. The idea is that they offer lots of different activities for your little one to enjoy in one compact toy, and generally, they don’t have too many loose pieces to get lost of swallowed, which may be why they are so popular in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists. Continue reading “What age are activity cubes for?” »

If there is one thing that we consider is a must in any household with babies and toddlers is an activity cube. An activity cube is a cube that has different games for babies and toddlers to play with. Each side of the cube and the top part has a different activity to play with. Most activity cubes have 4 sides but there are some that have 6 sides. Continue reading “Should I buy an activity cube for my child?” »

Activity cubes are often a great way to keep a younger child busy and entertained. But they’re far more than a simple diversion. Activity cubes also have a variety of developmental benefits. They improve critical thinking, fine motor skills, and much more. Activity cubes are varied, so finding the right one for your child isn’t always easy. but we’re here to help. We’ve found the best activity cubes for kids. Continue reading “The Best Activity Cubes for Babies and Toddlers” »