Our Difference

Giving the gift of imagination

When it comes to filling your child’s toy box or buying the perfect lovey for your baby to be, the options are seemingly endless. But if you care about keeping these playthings natural and non-toxic — and supporting a small business owner wanting to make things better for other caregivers — you’ve come to the right place. That’s what we do best and what we believe.

Our goal is to find partners that don’t place limitations on the play but inspire children to imagine, create, and engage and in today’s globally high-consuming environment, we find it extra important to preserve this kind of treasure. So now you know: when you buy any of our handcrafted items, they’re made with great attention by people who are committed to creating something unique.

Our Spirit


Play Based

Our goal is to find toys that don’t place limitations on play, but inspire children to imagine, to create and to engage. That’s why all of our products have carefully considered features that stimulate and encourage free play, rather than dictate it. Our values are firmly rooted in play, we believe that all children should be able to express themselves freely through play and it’s our role to provide them with the best equipment and the best environment to do so.


Safety & Care

We’re all about simplifying the early stages of parenthood and making this new adventure as straightforward as possible. We know that keeping baby feeling safe & comfortable is a constant worry for you, so we’ve discovered products that help to welcome a baby into the world and beyond, with a gentle touch from small businesses across the Europe.


Stand with Small

All of our products are carefully designed and handmade in Europe. We’re lucky to have found the most dedicated small-business manufacturers that help bring our vision to life – brilliant craftspeople who relate professionally and personally to what we do here at A Matter Of Style.


Child Development

Our stage-based play essentials are designed to ensure that your child gets the best start. We uncover Europe’s best small-business brands that offer products and information that will help foster the development of new babies and families. At A Matter Of Style, parents can feel confident giving their kids exactly what they want and need every step of the way.


Montessori Mission

We are guided by Montessori education and other alternative pedagogical approaches, such as Waldorf, which are deeply rooted in our corporate DNA. Small and big builders of the world will find everything they need to create new worlds and games … so the same components may become a farm and later a hospital. On another occasion, a doll’s house or part of a fantasy land might be created.