How often should you wash your baby’s towels?

If you’ve recently received a newborn in the family

If you’ve recently received a newborn in the family, you must be full of questions. That’s totally normal! As many questions as you may have, we can bet that 50% of them will have to do with your baby’s hygiene. Especially when you’re ready to give them their first bath, with all of their new towels, toys and picture-perfect moments. But, how often should you wash some of these elements? Especially towels. Let’s take a look at this interesting guide.

Most probably, when having a newborn, certain activities like towel washing is done more frequently. However, would you let us know your frequent washing towel secret? Even for some, washing them only once a week is something that should not even be said. Truth is, even if its a baby’s towel, toddler, small children, teens or adults, no matter your age, your towels are breeding grounds for germs and microbes.

The Issue with Towels & Germs

Bacteria and germs often host many numerous parties in the damp, moist, and dark environments that are towels. And more germs are welcomed to the party by the microsecond. The porous environment of towels makes them multiply. Interestingly, towels will test positive for mold and yeast, even after going unwashed for 1 or 2 days. Scary.

According to microbiologist DR. Gerba, if you dry your face on a hand towel just after two days, “you would probably be getting more eco li on your face than if you stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it.”

Why it’s Important to Wash your Baby’s Towels and How Often?

So now that we’ve set the precedent of how many microbes and germs are living in your towels (hand and bath), your baby’s towels are not the exception. And even if human beings do have immune systems, it’s important to know that babies’ immune systems are not as strong as adults. Taking hygienical measures is crucial.

Depending on how many baths your baby takes throughout the week, find out which measures you need to follow to know how many times to actually wash them.

  • Have at least 3 different baby towels. Swap every time after use. The washcloth should be replaced a couple of times a week.
  • If anyone is sick in the home, towels should be washed more frequently.
  • If humidity is high in your area or in your home, this results in quicker multiplication of microbes.
  • Wash towels more often.
  • Measures should be taken for all of the washcloths around your home. Keep in mind that any skin conditions such as eczema will stick to the towel you are using for your baby. Be aware of the dampness, which multiplicates eczema germs.
  • Your baby’s towel should be used for your baby. Avoid sharing with other children, toddlers or adults.
  • A good way to kill off germs is hanging your wet towel spread out on a towel bar rather than a hook. Also, try hanging them under direct sunlight, which also helps de-germ towels and clothing.

Can this affect your Baby’s Health?

Back to the first point, the baby’s hygiene is so, so very important right from the start. Their immune systems are not as strong compared to an adult’s or even to a young child’s. So if there is anything you can do to prevent sickness, germs, and overall risk of health, will always be more than welcome.

If you’ve recently received a newborn in the family, you must be full of questions. That’s totally normal! As many questions as you may have, we can bet that 50% of them will have to do with your baby’s hygiene.

If you notice your baby getting ill quite often, it may or may not be due to hygiene issues. However, taking the necessary measures all around your household and daily routine is key.

Yeast, bacteria, molds, and viruses will remain alive and active in towels that haven’t been dried off well, washed well, or re-used more than 2 times. If this is a practice you currently have, we have to say that it may bring negative consequences health-wise in the long-run.

Some of the consequences due to poor bathing towel hygiene are the outbreak of fungus in feet, warts, eczemas and other skin conditions that can spread to other members of the family. Dirty towels certainly spurt atopic dermatitis as well. So, it’s safe to say that towel hygiene is no less of an important part of the household hygiene routine at all.

Solutions & Conclusions for Baby Towel Washing

Keep in mind that this article is also helpful to children’s and adult’s towels as well. Let’s do a little bit of a recap on this subject. How often should you wash your baby’s towels? From a microbiologist’s point of view, you should definitely be washing them every two or three days.

According to the American Cleaning Institute, they recommend you wash towels after three or four normal uses, allowed to fully dry before the next one. But for babies, we definitely go for washing after two or three days.

The recommended washing cycle for all towels is: Putting them in the hottest water in your washer options. If possible, use the sanitize cycle and run the dryer for at least 45 minutes. As far as fabric choice, you must already know that baby towel cloth should be as soft as a baby, to avoid skin harm and rashes. These plush towels with high thread count will take longer to dry, keep this in mind.

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