When your baby moves to a crib depends on several different factors. The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends little ones sleep in the same room as their parents until six months to promote nighttime breastfeeding and reduce the risk of SIDS by having mom and dad close by during the night, so you’re more easily alerted to any problems with your baby.

Once your baby reaches six months, you don’t have to kick her out on her own right away, though. Even if she’s still in a bassinet, if she’s not sitting up or rolling over yet, she’s safe to stay there a little longer. You should also consider how well you’re all snoozing in the same room. Here are some questions to ask yourself that can help you decide when to make the switch:

How big is your baby?

Bassinets and other bedside sleepers are great for newborns, but they usually come with weight limits. Some are as low as 10 pounds (which might only get you through the first month), though most can hold a 20-pound baby. Check the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website to find the weight limit for yours. If you can’t find the weight limit, err on the side of caution and move your little one to a crib when she hits 15 pounds.

Even if she’s still in a bassinet, if she’s not sitting up or rolling over yet, she’s safe to stay there a little longer.

Does she look cramped?

Even if your baby hasn’t reached the weight limit of her bassinet, it might be getting just a little too cozy. Take a look the next time you put her down. Does she seem cramped? If her head or feet are bumping into the sides or ends of the bassinet, or she’s waking up very often (or very suddenly), it might be time to give her a little more space.

Can your baby roll over or sit up in her bassinet?

Hitting new milestones is exciting, but the more your baby can do, the riskier it is to sleep in a bed made for infants. As with cribs, lowering the mattress before a baby can sit is a smart safety move, so apply the same principle to bassinets. In fact, bassinets are often shallower than cribs, so a baby who’s rolling or about to sit up could flip herself out.

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