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The coffee table is the piece of resistance in the living room. As styles comes and go, it adapts and keeps its position in the spatial configuration of the room and as time passes we have more and more models and designs to choose from. Modern coffee tables are of many different types, with various shapes and can be made of a variety of materials so let’s pick something specific to focus on: a round glass coffee table. Continue reading “Modern Coffee Tables With Round Glass Tops And Timeless Designs” »

One look at these dreamy garden lanterns and you’ll think you’re on the set of a Nicholas Sparks movie. You can boost your yard to romance novel status with just a few simple lighting additions. To help you turn your backyard space into a romantic oasis, I’ve rounded up these ways to create outdoor lighting. Continue reading “Beautiful Garden Lanterns that Will Transform Your Yard” »

Ever wonder if you could survive on just one pair of shoes? Us neither, ’cause that is absurd! But if we did have to choose just one style to wear daily we’d go for versatility — an option that pairs with most outfits and that you can fabulously rock year-round. Enter the Chelsea boot. Dating back to Victorian times, these traditionally unisex, ankle-high booties often feature elastic sides and loops on the back to easily pull on. Scroll on to find the perfect pair to stylishly pound the pavement, every day of the week. Continue reading “Stylish Chelsea Boots for Practical Fashion Girls” »

Mug racks, drying racks, coffee cup holders, and/or cup organizers are a few names most of us have used to describe the perfect space to dry our favorite mugs. However, with so many options to choose from, it can become a bit difficult to find the perfect one to display. Furthermore, why stop at having only one mug rack when you can display a few around your home. Areas such as your entryway, kitchen, craft area or even your garage could use a coat rack that holds multiple different items. Here are a few every coffee and tea lover should see. Continue reading “Mug Racks Every Coffee and Tea Lover Should See” »

Take the stress out of your beauty regimen and avoid wardrobe malfunctions with a few expert tips on everything from old-school hair hacks and anti-aging skincare. Keep reading to learn some style and beauty hacks that problem-solve concerns with outside-the-box thinking. Your life just got so much easier. Continue reading “Creative Fashion and Beauty Hacks That Changed Our Lives” »

The lighting in a room influences the whole mood which is why we have different types of fixtures and different system options to choose from based on the function of a space and the intended ambiance. Wall lamps, for example, are quite common in bedrooms where they look cozy and relaxing. They usually also have a nice warm glow around them and this is one of the reasons why they’re so great for bedrooms. Of course, not all wall lamps are suitable for this type of spaces so let’s have a look at some that are. Continue reading “Soothing Wall Lamps For Bedrooms Full Of Style” »

Wedding signage is such a great opportunity to have some fun and get creative on your big day. Not only do signs serve a concrete purpose for your guests, but they also add tons of warmth and personality to your venue for a customized touch. Whether you’re using your signage to display a cute quote about love or to direct your guests towards the ceremony space, the possibilities are truly endless. Continue reading “Amazing Signs You’ll Want At Your Wedding” »

A welcome mat is permanently placed either outside or inside your main door, and it is usually the first thing you step onto when you enter a house. There are various materials, designs as well as a piece of fabric which have been used as welcome mats, and the best among all of them are the ones which have a funny twist to it! Here are some of the best funny welcome mats and hopefully it will help you find the best one to complete your perfect home! Continue reading “The Best Funny Welcome Mats to Rock in 2019” »


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