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Many brides still prefer neutrals and white wedding shoes but more and more girls opt for colored, embellished and other creative shoes ideas. Today’s roundup is to help our dearest brides to choose wedding heels of their dreams, and though we’ve already shared such ideas, trends have changed since that time, and we’ve decided to share the trendiest wedding shoes and boots for today. Let’s get started. Continue reading “Chic Wedding Shoes And Boots Ideas” »

Any couple planning a wedding knows that starting the design off with the right invitation can be just as important as selecting a breathtaking venue. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve rounded up the top wedding invite trends from Etsy, along with a few picks for each. So scroll through and get ready to have that wedding theme on lock. Continue reading “Wedding Invitation Trends We Spotted on Etsy” »

As if you didn’t already have a million minuscule wedding decisions on your plate, you need to add picking a wedding ring box to your checklist. Traditionally, couples have resorted to ring pillow cushions for transporting the jewels the day of, but this is the 21st century, people! Cool, creative ring boxes that speak to each unique wedding theme and style are more abundant than ever. Continue reading “Unique Wedding Ring Box Ideas to Store Your Sparkler” »

Being a mom on Valentine’s Day is different from being a non-parent on this holiday. When you’re kid-free, you have the ability to make plans sans stress. You can get reservations at a favorite restaurant, or your partner can book you a night at a romantic hotel. You also have the option of indulging in brunch desserts with your galentines or going out dancing with the single crowd. But moms? We’re usually lucky if we have any energy left to do anything at all. Continue reading “Mom-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts You Should Buy for Yourself” »

If you’re looking for something really special this holiday for the gal who has it all, think customization. There’s no way she won’t love a necklace, ring, or keychain made just for her with a first initial or a zodiac sign. Pick up one of these personalized accessories that she’ll treasure long after the gift-giving season. Continue reading “Must-Have Personalized Jewelry and Accessories Gifts” »

Valentine’s Day is getting really close this year and it’s certainly time for you to think of what stunning gift you’ll give to your lover! No, it’s never too early! Even though the two of you are constantly showing your love for the other, Valentine’s Day is all about that love. Even if the two of you agreed that you won’t give a gift this Valentine’s Day… we all know you still will. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy gift to whip up for your partner, I have the perfect ideas.
Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Ideas That Will Steal Your Heart” »

It’s time to turn those plants that you love so much into something more than just a source of green for your windowsill. It’s time to help them become eye-catching decorations and to allow them to stand out by putting them in stylish planters or on one of these exquisite plant stands that highlight and complement their silhouettes and their beauty. You don’t need an entire garden to make your house looks fresh. A single well-placed plant stand can be enough. Continue reading “Unique Plant Stands That Raise The Bar For Stylish Interior Decors” »


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