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Garlands can be used in the most unexpected ways. You can hang them on walls or across your mantel of course, or try threading them through banisters, hanging them above doorways, or wrapping them around your Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless! Check out these creative ways to use garlands to spruce up your home for the holidays. Continue reading “Festive and Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Christmas Garlands” »

Are you already counting down the days to Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Or perhaps you have something even bigger you’re excited about, like a wedding or a baby on the way! Instead of crossing out the days on your calendar, make yourself a personalized countdown that is going to bring a smile on your face every day as you get one day closer to your special day. Continue reading “Three, Two, One: Unique Countdowns You Need Before the Year’s End” »

Out of all decorations that get hung up around Christmas, jingle bells are one of our favorites! The way they softly chime reminds us of the popular Jingle Bells song and makes us daydream of Santa flying over the sky with his magical reindeer. If you want your home to be decorated in a unique and festive way, check out our selection of jingle bells! Continue reading “Jingle All The Way: Merry Jingle Bell” »

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to alleviate a wide variety of ailments, long before the advent of pharmaceuticals. These natural, highly concentrated oils that are extracted from sources like plants, seeds, flowers and tree bark, each have their own unique properties – and, with about 100 different kinds of essential oils, it can be quite a challenge to figure out which to use. Continue reading “Days of Giveaways: Essential Oils You Need to Try” »

Because fragrances are associated with memories, the scents we choose to fill our homes with, especially during the holidays, are just as important as tracking down the perfect gift or Christmas tree. Pine trees, sugar plums, vanilla, and cinnamon are just some of the yummy scents we associate with this time of year. Continue reading “The Best Christmas Candles to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays” »

On your window, mantel or front door, a spectacular wreath will really add a big dose of holiday spirit to your home. When choosing a wreath, you don’t have to go green and red or traditional. There’s a style and color scheme for every taste — make it yourself or buy one that’s ready to hang. Continue reading “Holiday Wreaths to Add a Festive Touch to Your Home” »

Kids don’t seem to mind the cold weather like some adults does, so that’s why it’s important to wrap them up when they insist on playing outdoors. Of course, one of the best accessories to keep ’em cozy is a handknit hat. Some of these knitted hat patterns for kids even come in adult sizes, so you can make matching hats for everyone in the family.  Continue reading “From Classic to Creative: Unique Knitted Children’s Hats” »

Paper wedding stationery is so yesterday. As we look toward 2018, we’re predicting more unique and non-traditional wedding paper, or should we say, anything but paper. Couples are now using materials that aren’t normally associated with weddings — we’re talking acrylic, wood, lucite and even a dreamcatcher — to put a unique spin on their wedding invitations and signage. It’s one of our fave wedding trends. You’ll quickly say goodbye to traditional paper invites after getting a glimpse at these inspiring and unconventional ideas. Continue reading “Unique Wedding Stationery Ideas That Don’t Require Any Paper” »


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