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Once you become a parent, bedtime turns to pure happiness – your little one becomes a sleeping cherub, the world goes still, and you all have much-needed rest. Or at least that’s what you dream of! The reality: During the first year, he will be in and out of nursery several times a night to feed and change his baby. And later on, coughs and colds, nightmares, and potty training will mean little kids wake up in the middle of the night. Continue reading “Unique Kids’ Night Lights That Make Bedtime Fun and Easy” »

When you decorate your kid’s bedroom according to their interests and liking, it develops a sense of involvement and a sense of ownership in them. By decorating their room around their character, their likes, and interests, you tell them how important their opinion is, how important they are, and most importantly, what they are matters! Your child feels valued when their likings and wishes are taken into consideration. Your child feels encouraged to pursue their interests confidently. Continue reading “Beautiful Kids’ Bedroom Wall Art Ideas” »

Giraffes are such regal animals, with a grand presence and beautiful markings in a subdued color palette that’s perfect for a boy or girl nursery. If you’re considering a nature or animal themed baby room but haven’t settled on the main event, consider a giraffe nursery that will wow. Giraffes create a perfect gender-neutral backdrop for your little one’s bedroom. From accessories to wallpaper, functional storage to freeform design, our list of the cutest giraffe nursery inspiration is sure to kick your creativity into high gear. Continue reading “Gorgeous Giraffe Nursery Ideas for Boys and Girls” »

There’s something about a canopy bed that appeals to the little princess in all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70 years old, the sight of all that soft and billowy fabric makes something deep inside us squeal with glee. Dreaming of a canopy for your little girl’s bedroom? You don’t need to be an expert to make it work. If you’re willing to think outside of the box, there are many simple workarounds that can save you time, effort, and money. Whether you go sweet and cozy, modern luxe, or full-scale glam, you can’t go wrong with any of these clever and easy-to-create canopy ideas. Continue reading “Great Ideas for a Canopy Bed in a Girl’s Room” »

Many of the best baby rooms are lush and attractive but still incorporate natural elements making a woodland nursery theme an elegant solution for a baby boy or girl! This idea brings in natural elements and a soothing color palette, while giving you room to play by introducing critter prints, bold florals, vibrant fronds or anything else you may find lurking in an enchanted forest. So, go ahead and peep these woodland nursery ideas, they’re almost as restorative as a walk in the woods. Continue reading “Whimsical Woodland Nursery Ideas” »

It’s never too early to appreciate good design. Your baby may not care what their room looks like, which means the nursery is one of the last times you can call all the shots, before they hit that threenager stage and have opinions on everything. Jokes aside, the nursery is your baby’s first home. And the space that welcomes them into the world should boast an inviting, calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. Continue reading “Adorable (and Actually Chic) Ways to Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery” »