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As your very first gift for a child, you might want to consider a beautiful and gentle teddy bear. Teddy bears have always been cuddled by infants with their little arms. It’s going to be your baby’s teddy bear pal that stands by the negative when your infant is enjoying or going to sleep. They are also great as a travel toy for your little ones. Continue reading “The Best Teddy Bears For Becoming Your Baby’s First Friend” »

Playing make-believe provides many opportunities for children to learn and grow. With pretend play toys for kids, your child can mimic language and activities he or she sees and experiences in a safe and nurturing environment. Playing pretend plays a crucial role in your child’s development, since it helps them to use their imaginations to create a fun scenario right in your own home. Continue reading “Best Pretend Play Sets for Kids” »

If you’re looking for an ethically-made fair trade clock or something cheap and cheerful, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a clock that teaches them a valuable life skill, encourages good behavior or just jazzes up a nursery or bedroom wall, we’ve got some of our favourite children’s clocks. Continue reading “Best Children’s Clocks for Kids from Toddlers to Kindergarten” »

Looking for a baby sleeping bag to keep your little one warm in winter and cool but comfortable in summer to ensure you all get a good night’s sleep? If you’re a new parent, bedding will be one of the first things on your shopping list, along with changing bags and baby monitors. But choosing the right tog, size, and brand can be tricky. Continue reading “The Best Baby Sleeping Bags to Keep Your Little One Comfy and Safe” »

Our childhood memories begin in our children’s bedrooms. Why not create a sleeping-in playground that visualizes your children’s dreams and desires? Using these nursery hanging decorations, you can transform your standard white walls into a room your child will love. Get creatively decorating, with these fun kids’ home décor finds. Continue reading “Nursery Hanging Decorations To Create Your Child’s Creative Haven” »

Can’t play outside because of the rain? Rainy days need not be boring. Despite being forced to stay inside, the kids can do a lot. Here’s an activity they can enjoy just as much as playing outside. You can turn an extra tablecloth into a fort that your kids will surely love. With a few extra tablecloths, you can create different themes. A castle, garden shed, house, circus, store? Imagination is the only limit. Continue reading “Amazing Tablecloth Forts to Build with your Kids” »

Can you remember dressing up when you were a child? Did you have a favorite character or item to dress up as? Dress-up play allows children to run wild with their imaginations and to play as anyone or anywhere! Making a fabulous dressing up box for kids is easy and affordable, and carefully selected dress up ideas can promote and enrich children’s imaginative play. Continue reading “Must Have Dress Up Ideas To Promote Imaginative Play” »