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An alternative to the traditional almonds, sweet carts or the ever popular cupcakes, there are a whole host of new edible wedding favor ideas popping up recently to truly impress your guests. There’s an edible favor fit for every couple. From the doughnut lover to the coffee drinker, get inspired by these unique favors. Continue reading “Edible Wedding Favours Guests Will Eat Up (Literally!)” »

2 years doesn’t get as much press as 1 year, and yet it is just as important as any other marriage milestone. Representing strength and adaptability, cotton is the traditional theme for a 2nd anniversary gift, but as you can see from this selection of gorgeous ideas, that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to dishcloths and bedsheets if you want to stick to convention. Continue reading “Unique and Traditional Cotton Gifts for Your 2nd Anniversary” »

When it comes to designing the perfect playhouse, skip the mini wooden cottages and try out a teepee. They can be indoor or outdoor, are ridiculously easy to put up and move around, and won’t cost you a fortune. We’ve got everything from glow-in-the-dark to color-your-own teepees on this list. Go wild. Continue reading “Totally Fun Teepees Your Kids Will Be Obsessed With” »

We continue boho chic wedding theme, which is so actual for summer and fall soirees, and today I’d like to inspire you with my favorite centerpieces. Such a wedding theme as boho allows to go completely bold, so don’t hesitate to choose bright flowers and various eye-catching details to rock boho chic. Continue reading “Bold And Eye-Catching Boho Chic Wedding Centerpieces” »

So, your friend or family member is expecting a bouncing baby boy soon and has invited you to her shower? Now you just need to scour the stores for a cute baby shower gift. From adorable booties to plush toys and even some decorations, this collection of baby shower ideas for boys is sure to provide you with that perfect gift. Continue reading “Cute Baby Shower Ideas for Boys – The Best Gifts and Decorations” »

It is always nice to have the perfect vase for any occasion. When you get unexpected flowers, throw a dinner party, or simply want somewhere to put your pencils, a vase is a stylish option. Yet sometimes either it feels impossible to find what you are looking for. That is why this list of fabulous vases is perfect. Continue reading “Fabulous Vase Ideas to Hold your Favorite Flowers with Style” »