One of the greatest fears of mothers is that the baby will roll out of the cot while sleeping, right? Especially when they are very young. That’s why the baby nest is essential for peaceful nights for parents and children!

When we are born, we suffer from spatial adaptation. We are in a very warm and cosy place and, suddenly, we are no longer. That’s also why babies have difficulties sleeping in cots, beds, sofas, they are more “open” than usual.

Besides the discomfort, this furniture is also dangerous for babies to stay unattended, because they can roll to the sides, fall and suffer a very serious accident! With that in mind, we have prepared special content for you to keep your son or daughter safe while you carry on with your chores or enjoy a good night’s sleep. Let’s check it out?

How can the baby nest protect babies?

The baby nest is like a mini bed with edges of cushions that surround the little ones, reproducing the feeling of protection that they had inside their mother’s belly or in a lap. Surrounded by these pillows, babies, especially newborns, are relaxed and sleep more easily. In addition, the rolls do not allow the child to fall from wherever they are, because they serve as a protective barrier.

With this, the babies are safe and comfortable, and the parents can relax and do whatever they need to do, like taking care of the house, doing some work or simply relaxing. See, the baby nest is safe for your child and for you!

One of the greatest fears of mothers is that the baby will roll out of the cot while sleeping, right? Especially when they are very young. That's why the baby nest is essential for peaceful nights for parents and children!

One of the reasons that baby nests have become so popular, is that today doctors and healthcare professionals recommend babies to sleep on their backs. Placing your baby on his or her back to sleep decreases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). In a baby nest, the baby is placed on the back and the possibility of turning over to the stomach is reduced.

Baby nests are also useful for parents who let the baby sleep between there, in the bed. It reducing the risk to rolling over baby when you sleeping. The baby’s head should be located at the same height as the parent’s head. In that way, it’s less likely that the head accidentally gets covered with a duvet or a blanket during the night.

How long can your child use a baby nest?

The uses of the baby nest are especially for the youngest babies, but with so many options available out there, you can find larger, smaller or even adjustable models.

It is ideal that you have the nest for the baby to sleep from when it is born, to avoid a dependence on one of the parents for the time of sleep. And if you want to ensure even more safety and comfort for the newborn, the mini cot is the most suitable option for the first 6 months, because it is compact and perfect to be attached to the side of the parents’ bed without taking up too much space in the room.

If you prefer, you can also use a conventional cot and adapt the size of the nest as the child grows. So she takes better advantage of the furniture, right? After you choose the type of cot that best suits your needs, it’s easier to determine the size of the nest and when your little piece of love will need it!

Use the baby nest outside the cot!

The main function of the baby nest is as a cot reducer, after all, that’s where it is expected that the child sleeps most of the time. But we know that, on a daily basis, the little ones end up sleeping in other environments, because they are always close to us.

So, no problem: you can take the nest out of the cot! You can put it on the sofa and stay close to your children while you watch your favourite programmes. If you go for a walk at someone’s house, you can take the nest with you. Many have handles, which makes it easier to move around, and you can place it on top of a double or single bed.

It is also possible to place the nest inside the baby’s pram. If you have opted for a larger piece, you can use it even when the child is tiny with the help of the nest and make the most of your investment by going on delightful family outings! Some models have a built-in mosquito net, so you don’t need to worry about mosquitoes and other insects on outings outdoors.

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