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A good night’s sleep is essential for children’s well-being. And, as with almost everything, good habits are created early. We explain why and give you the table with the number of hours of sleep advisable for each age group. The number of hours a baby needs to sleep varies according to age and growth. When he is a newborn, he usually sleeps around 16 to 20 hours a day, while when he is one year old, he already sleeps around 10 hours a night and takes two naps during the day, of 1 to 2 hours each.

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Happiness, fear, sadness, shame, anger, and love. Disgust, jealousy, anxiety, excitement, longing, and frustration. These are some of the emotions and feelings that children experience from their very first years of life. And it can be a real challenge to learn to live with so many different sensations! With that in mind, do you know how to teach your child to deal with emotions? Check out the text below and find out how to help little ones to better understand their feelings! Continue reading “How to teach your child to deal with emotions?” »

The sleeping bag is an essential item in the baby’s wardrobe, so much so that in the French and other European countries’ wardrobes it appears at the top of the list. This is because it will contribute to the child’s sleep, making it comfortable to rest and safe in the cot. And precisely because it is such an important product that will be part of the daily routine of the little ones, it is important to pay attention when choosing the infant sleeping bag. Continue reading “How to choose a sleeping bag for your baby?” »

The Montessori floor bed is exactly what it sounds like: a bed on the floor! The bed should be within the child’s reach and at their level, whether it be a fancy bed or a mattress on the floor. The unique feature of a Montessori bed is not the bed itself, but the concept surrounding it. You can empower your child with a floor bed by allowing them to make decisions on their own and trusting them to grow from their own experiences. Continue reading “Are Montessori beds good for toddlers?” »

We all want our kids to love books. Reading to your kids at bedtime can be a wonderful bonding experience. It’s one of those activities that makes you pat yourself on the back and feel like you’ve finally nailed it as a parent. Imagine yourself as the best mother the world has ever known, patiently reading and encouraging cognitive development. Continue reading “How do you organize a lot of children’s books?” »

The Montessori bed is making success! Super cute, beautiful and that generates questions about what is the time to have one of these in your child’s room. The concept of this piece has to do with the Montessori method and has the proposal to offer freedom and autonomy for the little ones. The idea is that he can move with freedom, ease, and safety, within the room and go to other environments of the house. Continue reading “What age is appropriate for a Montessori bed?” »