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It sure seems like a baby’s love affair with their reflection starts right away, doesn’t it? From early in the first year, most babies smile, babble, and laugh at their chubby little faces reflected back at them. In fact, it’s one of their favorite activities – so much so that the car seat mirror has become a must-have. Continue reading “At what age do babies recognize themselves in the mirror?” »

Most of us likely want to repress the memories of sleepless nights, puffy eyes and general zombie-like monotonous rhythm of feed, burp, sleep with our babies. While “sleep when your baby sleeps” is promising advice for new parents, that often means becoming nocturnal, as newborn sleep patterns are reverse cycled. Continue reading “Why do babies get their days and nights mixed up?” »

For thousands of years, moms and grandmas have intuitively known how to turn off their babies’ crying. But the existence of a calming reflex in babies was completely overlooked. The soothing sensations in the womb (and close imitations out of the womb) trigger this reflex over and over again. This reset switch is truly a baby’s (and parent’s) best friend. Continue reading “What is the calming reflex in babies?” »

Whether they’re our own kids, or those of friends and family, many of us don’t pause to consider the role of play in children’s lives. We just take it for granted that they spend spare moments pushing toy trucks around or pretending to be dragons (or sometimes both) and while it’s fun (definitely for them, and sometimes for us) don’t assign it much significance beyond that. Continue reading “What is the purpose of a toy car?” »

Homework is a fundamental, unavoidable and often stressful part of school life for kids. With distractions increasing and attention spans decreasing, even the best students sometimes find it difficult to find the motivation to do their homework. For parents with less academically minded kids, trying to get them to complete it can be an absolute nightmare. Continue reading “How do children benefit from having small whiteboards at home?” »

In the first months of pregnancy, it’s normal to feel nervous and excited. Building a baby registry is an excellent way to take a task off your to-do list and feel more productive. As you scour your favorite apps and websites for the best products, you’ll find that you need to register for popular baby essentials such as newborn clothes, bibs, and burp cloths. Continue reading “How many burp cloths do you really need?” »