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Before answering that it is due to being fed exclusively on mother’s milk, we can already say that this is not the right answer. Most babies are born with grey eyes for another reason that is much more complex and curious… Continue reading “Do all newborns have grey eyes?” »

Whether your little girl wants to sleep in a glamorous paradise filled with pink and purple or a calming and cozy haven, adding a bed canopy gives her a tiny nook all her own to read and fall asleep under. Canopies may have ruffles and spangles for a princess palace look or a woodland fairy-inspired look. Give your child several options to choose from that fit into your budget, and let her make the final choice to include her in the process. Continue reading “How do you hang a bed canopy from the ceiling?” »

As you probably know, teepees are extremely popular among children. Whether it be to play inside or outside, they are terrific in so many ways. I’m sure you remember, when you were little, creating little houses with a sheet, a blanket, a broom or, in short, anything you could use to have a unique space for yourself. Continue reading “Are teepees good for toddlers?” »

Each and every parent wants to ensure their child the best conditions to play, relax and learn. But how to do it? The best way is to equip the child’s room with interesting, attractive accessories that create a lovely atmosphere and boost imagination and creativity. A perfect product that meets all the criteria and requirements of both parents and their child is a teepee tent. Continue reading “What age is a teepee for?” »

If you are a mother or father of a newborn, you probably know very well that almost desperate moment at the end of the day when the baby starts crying non-stop… Yes, it is quite common for very young babies to cry a lot, after all, this is their way of communicating. However, there is a specific period when things seem to become even more complicated. From around 4 pm to 8 pm, the famous witching hour (arsenic hour) takes place. Continue reading “How do I calm my baby during witching hour?” »

One of the greatest fears of mothers is that the baby will roll out of the cot while sleeping, right? Especially when they are very young. That’s why the baby nest is essential for peaceful nights for parents and children! Continue reading “What is the point of a baby nest?” »

There is no rule for changing the cot for a bed (either a single or a special bed for small children, the so-called junior bed or mini bed). Most children end up making this transition sometime between one and a half and three and a half years old. Continue reading “How do you transition from crib to bed?” »

What the cot must look like and what you need to take into account. A safe place to sleep in a suitable environment not only favours the healthy sleep of the baby, it also contributes considerably to avoid the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Continue reading “How can I keep my baby safe in their cot?” »

Choosing the right toys for their children can be a real challenge for some parents. With the new wave of technology, children are spending a lot of time connected to smartphones and computers, which is not beneficial for their development. In addition, the market has very technological toys, which hardly capture the attention of children and get damaged easily. What to do in this scenario? The answer lies in wooden toys. Continue reading “How do wooden toys help child development?” »

All boys and girls like to swing, to be honest, so do adults. And, of course, your child will be delighted if, in the warm season, you hang personal garden swings for him. Even a simple backless swing, which you can make yourself. However, it is more reliable to buy ready-made pieces that will be stronger and more beautiful than homemade ones. Continue reading “Why children like to ride on a swing” »