What should a Montessori bedroom look like?

We hear so much about the Montessori method in children's rooms that it is difficult to know the right time to start or stop using it. Who has never asked himself "Montessori room

We hear so much about the Montessori method in children’s rooms that it is difficult to know the right time to start or stop using it. Who has never asked himself “Montessori room, until what age should I use it with my child?

Everyone who knows and is interested in the methodology wants to keep it until the child grows and becomes a teenager. But is there not a maximum age range for Montessori? Is it the parents or the children who determine when it is time to change the furniture and decoration of the room?

If you have these doubts, don’t worry, they are natural among parents and we are here to help you. In today’s post, you will know all about the Montessori room: up to what age should be worked and how the room should be in this method. Are you curious, mum? Then stay tuned!

What is a Montessori room?

To understand what is a Montessori room, we must first understand what the Montessori method is. It is an approach developed by the teacher Maria Montessori, whose aim is to stimulate the growth of the little ones, allowing them to have independence and freedom of decision from an early age.

In general, the intention is to work on the natural development of children’s physical, psychological and social abilities. After all, we all want our children to grow up with a critical sense and autonomy, don’t we? You must be wondering how this method can be applied in the children’s room. The answer is simple: by creating a personalised environment adapted especially to the child, with furniture and objects within their reach.

In short, a Montessori room is a children’s room designed exclusively for children. In it, the furniture needs to be arranged in a way accessible to the little ones, so they are lower – so that everything is within reach and they don’t need to resort to an adult.

How to build a complete Montessori room?

The simplest way to assemble a complete Montessori room is to adhere to furniture developed for this methodology. See the main ones:

Mini Montessori Bed

The Montessori mini bed is one of the main items for parents who seek to stimulate the autonomy of the child from the first years. Perfect for when the baby leaves the cot, they are low and allow him to go up and down without the risk of falling and getting hurt, and can move freely through the room. The most famous of all is the mini bed little house, which is super charming and still stands out as a decorative piece.

Montessori Bunk Bed

This is a great option for those who have two children sharing the same space and one of them is a baby. The upper part is for the older brother and often has a slide to start the day with more fun. The bottom is a traditional Montessori bed, close to the floor and with a fence to ensure the safety of the little one.

Montessori organizers

There are toy and object organizers created for this approach that make all the difference in a room. We find more appropriate options for each age group, but in general, they are low and allow the child to get up and get the toy by himself, without having to climb on a stool (at risk of getting hurt) or call mommy to help. Montessori shelves, children’s shelves, and niches are examples of organizers that help the child and still leave the room super charming.

What is the ideal age to build a Montessori room?

Ok, you have decided that you are going to use the Montessori concept in your children’s room, but you don’t know the right age to start or abandon it. So, what now? Check it out:

Montessori room for newborn

In a previous post, entitled “Is a Montessori room for newborns worth it?”, we explained that this methodology should be initiated from the first moments of childhood. We clarify that in the first 6 months when the baby is still a newborn, the ideal is that he sleeps in a mini cot in the parents’ room to ensure their safety. After that time, it is already possible for him to sleep in a mini baby bed and start to approach.

Montessori Bedroom 1, 2, and 3 years old

From the first year until the 3, the method is very important, since it is one of the main stages of the physical and psychological development of the baby. At this age, the idea is to bet on a mini bed playful and safe, with side protection bars.

We hear so much about the Montessori method in children's rooms that it is difficult to know the right time to start or stop using it. Who has never asked himself

Montessori bedroom for 4, 5, and 6 years

In this age group, you can remove the side rails if you keep the mini bed. If your child is already big, you can replace it with a slightly larger bed, but, in this case, opt for the railings.

From the age of 7, children are already much older. The best option is to choose a children’s bed so that your child is comfortable in a bed suitable for their size. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget the playful side, OK?

What is the age to abandon the Montessori room?

Now that we understand the right time to start, what is the correct age to say goodbye to the Montessori model? The pedagogy defends that there is no specific age to leave the Montessori room, except at the moment in which the child itself demonstrates the will to make the change.

This is because it is in early childhood that the method is more effective, the phase in which the little one develops their habits of autonomy and organization in a more intense way.

In this way, we can conclude that, although there is no right age to abandon the model, it is interesting to extend it until when the child asks for a change to be made because in this way you will respect its growth time.

Each individual has a different growth; when the method is applied from the first months of life, the autonomy traits are established earlier. It means that, when children reach a certain height, the infant bed can be changed for a single bed, as long as it does not offer any risks.

The same happens with other furniture in the room: would the child be tall enough to reach the divisions of an adult wardrobe? It is necessary to think about a situation of accessibility, so as not to deprive the child of her freedom.

So don’t be in a hurry to change your child’s room. The Montessori room is beautiful and functional and its use only has advantages. Wait for him to grow and have an adequate height to mount an environment with adult furniture, so you will ensure comfort until the transition from childhood to pre-adolescence.

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