Balance boards for babies, toddlers, and kids are becoming increasingly popular with parents looking to support their child’s development through fun! Discover what all the fuss is about and find answers to the most common balance board questions we’ve heard:

What do you use a balance board for?

Ultimately, children’s balance boards are meant for fun! Wooden balance boards are not to be confused with training balance boards (which work core muscles as you balance), they are meant to encourage physical, open-ended play between kids. You can use a balance board in whatever way your child likes, their imagination being the only limit! A bridge, a mountain, a boat, a tunnel, a doll’s bed, a slide… the play possibilities are endless.

As your child balances, climbs, or carries a balance board involved in their pretend play, your child will practice spatial awareness, strengthen their coordination, and support their physical development. Children love it because it nurtures their bodies, engages their minds, and teaches them useful skills – all without their even noticing!

What age is a balance board for?

As long as you use them in the right way, balance boards will support the development of children from birth. You can use a balance board for rocking a newborn, as a toy for your older baby, and as a climbing challenge for your curious toddler with your close supervision! Balance boards are also great for children of primary school age and can be used to stand on, climb on, slide on, rock on, or use as a base for small world toys – whatever they see fit within their imaginative play.

Are balance boards good for toddlers?

Yes, if you choose a quality, age-appropriate balance board, they’re great for toddlers. A balance board will provide an interesting and exciting addition to your toddler’s play space as they begin to explore the world. Turn it upside down so that it can be used as a climbing platform, a platform for standing or jumping off of, or a bridge or base for other toys. It can be used as a car, boat, rollercoaster, and more by rocking it in a rocking position.

Ultimately, children's balance boards are meant for fun! Wooden balance boards are not to be confused with training balance boards (which work core muscles as you balance), they are meant to encourage physical, open-ended play between kids.

Are balance boards safe/dangerous?

Balance boards can be a fun and safe addition to open-ended play when purchased from a manufacturer that ensures the highest toy safety standards. It is important to be aware that balance boards, especially wooden boards, are extremely durable and strong, but any child under three years of age should be supervised when using them. You know your child best, so be available to support them as they embark on their adventures if in doubt!

How long should you use a balance board?

The age your child can use a balance board has no limit. As long as you purchase a balance board that is strong enough to hold their weight, there are many ways in which younger and older children can play with and benefit from these brilliant toys.

Are balance boards worth it?

The purchase of a child’s balance board may seem like a significant investment to their toy collection, but it will pay off in the long run. Wooden balance boards are not only great for child development (physically and mentally), but they also provide play versatility unlike other toys because of their open-ended nature. Essentially, they can be used in many different ways in many different games!

In addition to being a sustainable purchase, a quality kids balance board can be passed down through the generations or given to a friend when your child outgrows it. Getting a toy that is built to last for years and is good for your growing child is definitely worth it if you’re looking for something that will keep them occupied for a long time.

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