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Have you ever thought about making your own candles? There are so many options and possibilities. It’s not only about decor, it’s about crafting something yourself and perhaps even making a gift to someone. Whatever your interest is, these tutorials will set you right on track. Check out how you can make candles and candle holders at home. Continue reading “Charmingly Easy DIY Candles and Candleholders” »

Every once in a while, however, our kids will fixate particularly on a specific creature as their favourite, so we find ourselves doing a lot of crafts featuring that one critter for weeks at a time before they read a story or encounter a different thing that steals their hearts. Just in case you’re as interested in making some butterfly themed projects with your kids as we were, if not more, here are some of the best ideas we’ve come across so far! Continue reading “Colorfully Charming: Lovely DIY Butterfly Decor Projects” »

One thing that will never be in style — watermarks on your tables. Luckily, coasters save the day by keeping our drinks off the table and look good doing it. Even better? When you create the coasters yourself. There are thousands of ideas for DIY coasters all over the internet, so we picked a few of our favorites to share with you. Whether working with clay, cork or felt, they’re all simple enough to achieve with minimal materials on a rainy afternoon. Continue reading “Brilliant DIY Coasters That Will Fancy Up Your Table Decor” »

Our kids’ enthusiasm about telling the time has made us decide that not having clocks around is just plain unacceptable, so we’ve decided to fix that problem… by using our DIY skills, of course! Sure, there are plenty of neat, stylish clocks that we could simply purchase in stores, but where’s the fun in that when we could create and customize precisely the kind of clock we’d like to have however we please instead? Continue reading “DIY Clocks That Will Make Arriving on Time a Lot More Fun” »

Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and arrows of all kinds, pink and red craziness! As for me, a wreath is the first decoration that comes to mind when I think of this holiday – this is a great idea to make your home more welcoming for the guests who will come and for the special one, of course. Continue reading “DIY Heart And Heart-Shaped Wreaths For Valentine’s Day” »

It’s time to turn those plants that you love so much into something more than just a source of green for your windowsill. It’s time to help them become eye-catching decorations and to allow them to stand out by putting them in stylish planters or on one of these exquisite plant stands that highlight and complement their silhouettes and their beauty. You don’t need an entire garden to make your house looks fresh. A single well-placed plant stand can be enough. Continue reading “Unique Plant Stands That Raise The Bar For Stylish Interior Decors” »

The coffee table is the piece of resistance in the living room. As styles comes and go, it adapts and keeps its position in the spatial configuration of the room and as time passes we have more and more models and designs to choose from. Modern coffee tables are of many different types, with various shapes and can be made of a variety of materials so let’s pick something specific to focus on: a round glass coffee table. Continue reading “Modern Coffee Tables With Round Glass Tops And Timeless Designs” »


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