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It seems that we turned out on the rookery of penguins in Antarctica. But it isn’t entirely true, as we are only in a kid’s bedroom made in penguins theme. Staying in this room isn’t cold, and very cozy because of plenty of stuffed toys living together with an owner here. Continue reading “Best Penguin Nursery Ideas For Your Kiddo’s Room” »

It is not difficult to see why the bohemian flair attracts so many houses: it manages to blend together and is completely effortless (and the atmosphere where most of us aspire to be parents!). Continue reading “Boho Nursery Ideas That’ll Trigger a Full-blown Fantasy” »

The cloud and star baby room is one of the most successful themes among mums today. Light, modern and versatile – even for unisex decoration – the clouds and stars build a peaceful atmosphere and full of possibilities. And they don’t even need to be the only theme of the corner! The best of the baby room with the cloud and star is that it adapts to other styles. Just be creative, a touch of originality, and a lot of willingness to stay tuned to what is making success in the décor.
Continue reading “Inspire Your Little Dreamer with Cloud and Stars Nursery Decor” »

A cheerful, gender-neutral and very sweet yellow nursery is a great idea for newborn babies. Whether you want to go sunny, lemon-colored, dark gold or bright neon lights, all choices have a yellow parenting concept, which can provide a fashionable and comfortable space for the newest addition to your family. From the tiny details to the color inspiration of the walls you can learn more about the cutest yellow nursery ideas around us. Continue reading “Yellow Nursery Ideas to Brighten Your Day” »

Kids see the world from a different perspective. Their curiosity combined with their vibrant nature makes them the little Einsteins for their impish world. Continue reading “How to Decorate Kids Room – Creative and Funky Room Design Ideas” »

Nothing gives children a better head-start in life than fostering a love of books and reading. By creating a cozy, comfortable, and entertaining reading nook, you’ve given your kids every reason to fall in love with the world of books and reading. These fun and imaginative reading nooks are practically guaranteed to put little noses in books! Continue reading “Unique Ideas for Creative Reading Spaces for Kids” »

Navy is back, and it’s not the nautical-themed, prep school staple you remember. The new navy blends old-world elegance with contemporary patterns and playful pops of color for a look that’s anything but traditional. Whether you’re hunting for a fresh neutral for your yet-to-be-determined baby boy or girl or just hoping to trade in the typical pink or blue motif for something with a little more staying power, navy may be just the color you’re looking for! Pair with pastels for a soft, sophisticated look, or go bold with bright orange, yellow or green accents. Whatever palette you choose, don’t forget to add a little sparkle. Nothing makes navy look richer than a touch of silver or gold! Continue reading “Amazing Navy Nursery Decoration To Add Your Little One’s Bedroom” »

Baby rooms and animals go hand-in-hand, but the animal-themed nurseries of today are truly special and sweet. One popular critter theme to consider is the fox! Foxes aren’t just cute and cuddly, they’re also cunning animals that—crucially—bring a fun pop of color to the baby’s room. And, with a few strategic decor details, a fox nursery is easy to execute for a girl or boy. Here are a few of our favorite fox nursery ideas… Continue reading “Adorable Fox Nursery Ideas For Your Little One’s Room” »

Whoo’s looking to place together an adorable owl-themed nursery for their little boy or girl? This gender-neutral baby room theme may be a win with parents everywhere because it’s easy to feature your own personal touches, doesn’t feel overdone, and lends well to a soothing color palette. Owls are special animals; many cultures believe they possess magical powers, though they’re also universally known for his or her wisdom and endurance. they’re protection and insight animals revered for his or her keen powers of perception. Continue reading “Unique Owl Nursery Ideas That Are a Real Hoot” »

A nursery should be tons of things. Adorable, for sure. Playful, definitely. But what about calming? Tranquil? Peaceful? Since such a lot of your daily routine are going to be spent during this space together with your baby, it’d be knowing to gather nursery ideas that will assist you and baby relax and find serenity. this will include streamlined organization to form life easier, practicing a touch of minimalism here and there so you do not feel overwhelmed, and incorporating soothing colors. Continue reading “Beautiful Blue Nursery Designs That Steal the Show” »