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Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s high time to think of gifts and favors you are going to give and of course some gift wraps and tags to make the presents even more special. This roundup will tell you of some simple and cute gift wrapping ideas – there are no printables because making it with hand will make the gift more special. Continue reading “DIY Wrapping Paper And Fabric Ideas For Valentine’s Day” »

The first step to getting organized for the New Year is a planner or calendar that’s too cool not to use. Whether you want to map out the entire year, take it a month or week at a time, or just need a daily reminder of the date, there are some fabulous and unique DIY planners and calendars out there. Better still, these nifty organizers double as wall and desk decor and ensure that your year gets off to a beautifully organized and creative start. Continue reading “Easy DIY Calendars And Planners Ideas Will Help You To Stay Organized” »

Check the thermometer. The temperature is going down, down, down. That means heating bills will go up, up, up… unless you make a few changes. Turning up the thermostat isn’t the only way keep your home warm during winter. Even in a newer house, you may notice that you have cold air coming in from under your door, which can not only make it uncomfortably cool in your home, it can send your electric bill through the roof. Continue reading “Creative Draft Stoppers To Keep Your Home Warm And Toasty This Winter” »

For some of us, buying a new calendar or planner is the best time of the year. The pages are blank slates, ready to be filled with anniversaries, birthdays, schedules, and notes, keeping our work and social lives organized. Making the best use out of your planner or calendar, though, comes down to finding one with a layout that works for you. Here are 2019’s cutest planners for your desk, the wall, and taking on the go. Continue reading “Unique Calendars And Planners To Start Off The New Year Organized” »

What’s the point of having an amazing New Year’s Eve celebration if you can’t capture it on camera?! Setting up a little photo booth is turning into a real party tradition, so we wanted to share some ideas with you for fantastic and creative backdrops for memorable New Year’s Eve photos that are going to bring back amazing memories every time you look at them! Continue reading “Unique Photo Backdrops for Memorable New Year’s Eve Photos” »

It might be late in the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to do nice things for the people around you. Each year, on our last day of work before we take some time off for the holidays, we make sure to make some kind of kind little trinket or favour for each of our coworkers. Continue reading “An Office Celebration: Unique Holiday Gifts for Coworkers” »

Do you want to create magic? We are not talking about those illusions and tricks but the magic of fairy lights that can be brought into your life with fairy lights. It’s not necessary to decorate your home with fairy lights only during Christmas fest. Rather, you can add the magic of fairy lights into your everyday life.  Glow and behold, a bevy of fresh new ways to decorate your home. Continue reading “Unique Ways to Decorate Your Entire Home with Fairy Lights” »

Garlands can be used in the most unexpected ways. You can hang them on walls or across your mantel of course, or try threading them through banisters, hanging them above doorways, or wrapping them around your Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless! Check out these creative ways to use garlands to spruce up your home for the holidays. Continue reading “Festive and Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Christmas Garlands” »


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