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Summer is a host’s best friend. With the late hours of daylight and kids on summer break, it’s incredibly easy to fill up the calendar with dinner dates and game nights and pool parties. When you have so many people coming through your home, you’re going to want some serious front door decorating ideas to spruce up the look of your entryway. Continue reading “DIY Wreaths to Decorate Your Front Door This Summer” »

Baby toys, particularly educational baby toys, can cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, babies tend to grow tired of their toys or outgrow them so quickly that you may think you’ve bought them for nothing. Plus, so many manufactured toys can be harmful and contain chemicals and other materials that just aren’t safe for your little one. The solution? Homemade baby toys, of course! Continue reading “Fun And Educational Baby Toys You Can DIY In Your Spare Time” »

Lighting is always important in any space that you spend a lot of time in, but we find that most people we know forget how crucial lighting can be outside their home, as well as inside. This is especially true on these warm summer nights when you want to spend time socializing with friends on the patio or enjoying some fresh air on your balcony or by the pool! Continue reading “Homemade Sparkle: Awesome DIY Garden Light Ideas” »

Miniature gardens filled with fairies, gnomes, and fairy houses offer children an enchanted play space to develop their creativity and imagination. They make a lovely addition to any porch, deck, backyard, or garden. The best part is most of the project are created using upcycled materials or things that you can find in your yard. You can use easily available things like sticks, stones, twigs and other materials or you can make your accessories out of anything you want and just paint them to look natural. Let your imagination fly. Continue reading “Best DIY Fairy Garden Furniture Ideas To Invite More Fairies In Your Garden” »

The search for the perfect desk can prove almost impossible which is pretty ironic given how many different designs and styles are to choose from. Luckily, there’s always the option to build a desk from scratch or to repurpose other elements into a great workspace setting. In order to make that happen, you need some desk plans and it just so happens that we can help with that. We looked around and we selected some of the DIY desk projects that we find most inspiring. Continue reading “Simple Desk Plans For Home Offices Built With Love” »

We’ve spoken a lot about hanging furniture – chairs, sofas and so on, but today I’d like to share even a more relaxing idea: a swing! It’s not just a usual kid’s swing, it’s a whole bench/sofa/loveseat that works as a swing – can you imagine anything more relaxing than this? I’ve prepared some swing chairs that are sure to make your space welcoming and you’ll strive there every night after work – let’s get started! Continue reading “Unique Swing Chair Ideas For Your Outdoor Space” »

Cohabiting with the animals can be one of the loveliest experiences and birds are one of those animals that are practically everywhere. They’re always above us, soaring happily in the sky. But every now and again even they must stop and rest. So if you don’t mind sharing your backyard with some feathered friends, here are DIY birdhouses you can make for them to rest (and nest) in! Continue reading “DIY Birdhouses For Your Feathered Friends” »

Making hand-painted mugs seems like something a child would do. But it’s actually a great way of personalizing a mugs and it’s also a very nice idea for a gift you might like to give to a close friend. In this article, we have gathered several examples that will show you how you can do that and that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your own original project. Continue reading “DIY Hand-painted Mugs That Are A Great Gift for Everyone” »