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A hammock is one of the best items for relaxation ever, it instantly brings a holiday feel to any space. If you already have one for yourself, it’s time to spoil your pets, too! Today’s roundup is dedicated to hammocks but for kitties – cats love such a type of furniture, too, and they will enjoy relaxing in a personal hammock. You may attach one to the wall or some existing furniture and there are a lot of tutorials to try, sewing, non-sewing, crocheted hammocks and so on, let’s get started.

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Use these free picnic table plans to build a picnic table for your backyard, deck, or any other area around your home where you need seating. Building a picnic table is an easy task that makes the perfect weekend project without breaking the bank. The picnic table plans include plans for traditional, octagon, hexagon, round, folding, small, and large picnic tables. You’ll have no trouble finding a free picnic table plan to fit your space and style. Continue reading “Rustic DIY Picnic Tables for an Entertaining Summer” »

If you have a lot of jewelry, then you know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to get ready and the necklace you want is tangled up or you can’t find a mate to an earring. Who has time for that?! With very little effort, you can organize your jewelry so that you can easily find it. From driftwood to industrial organizers to tiered stands here are the best DIY jewelry organizers. Continue reading “Brilliant DIY Jewelry Organizing and Storage Projects” »

It’s warm outside and we are all spending as much time there as possible, somebody just lazing and somebody more actively. Today’s roundup is right for those who prefer active rest, to be exact, riding a bike. If you like riding a usual (not extreme) bike and going on picnics on it, if you like carrying your pet with you, if you often ride around the town or to the market to buy something, you’ll need a bike basket or a crate, it depends on the style and look that you like. Continue reading “Cute And Easy DIY Bike Crates And Baskets” »

Celebrate the nation with a festive, backyard barbecue or house party, using these decorating ideas. The 4th of July is the perfect holiday to showcase your vintage Americana style, and these decorations will bring antique charm to your gathering. Check out these stylish 4th of July DIY apothecary jars! Perfect to help decorate leading up to the holiday and they would look fabulous on your food or dessert table the day of! Use this post as inspiration to make yourself a set! Continue reading “4th of July Apothecary Jars” »

Decorating for the Fourth of July is really a great and easy way to show your patriotic pride, and with our nation’s colors of red, white, and blue going so well together, it also couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s decoration ideas for a Fourth of July party, or even if you are just looking to give your home a more patriotic look all year round, here are a few great ideas for infusing the traditional, or the contemporary American look, into your home. Continue reading “DIY Fourth Of July Decor Ideas To Show Your Patriotic Pride” »

Independence Day is a national holiday, important for every person in the country. 4th of July wreath is a must have for any door because everyone should know that we love this holiday and it’s coming not only to our homes but also to our hearts. There are thousands of DIY ideas of a wreath to make; stripes, stars, blue, red and white are the necessary things for every wreath. The materials are up to you: paper, fabric, burlap, flowers, pompoms, cardstock, flags, berries, ribbon, choose your idea and start creating! Below you’ll find some examples to enjoy and get inspired. Continue reading “Amazing 4th July Wreaths For Your Front Door” »

With graduation only weeks away, you’re probably scouring the corners of Pinterest and the like for gifts that are both creative and meaningful. To take your present to the next level, try DIYing something that is way better (and more personal!) than any plain old card and cash. Besides, they deserve a graduation gift as unique and adventurous as them, right? Featuring goodies like a leather stamped keychain and a DIY no-sew tablet case, these DIY graduation gift ideas are chock-full of all things practical and stylish for whatever the “real world” throws their way. Continue reading “Thoughtful DIY Graduation Gifts to Start Making Now” »

Baskets always bring a summer and a bit rustic feel to any space, whether they are straw, wicker, rope or any other ones. They can be used for all kinds of storage, from kids’ toys to towels in the bathroom and for covering planters and pots. Baskets can be placed here and there just for styling and bringing a summer feel to your space. Making a wicker one is pretty hard and requires some skills, while a rope basket can be easily made by any of you. If you wanna make a couple of them for your home, here are some crafts to make rope baskets. Continue reading “Bright DIY Rope Baskets For Storage” »

Going to a wedding, birthday, engagement or some other summer event? Then we guess you’ve prepared a gift and wrapped it, all you need is to add a finishing touch – a cool gift topper or tag to make it more special. We’ve prepared a whole bunch of ideas for any case, all of them are inspired by summer and can be easily crafted by you anytime, without any special skills. Continue reading “DIY Summer Gift Toppers And Tags To Make” »