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Chalkboards are extremely popular for any kinds of spaces – they are comfy in using and can inspire creativity and more communication, they can be also used as pinboards and magnet boards to make them more functional. We’ve just shown you some ideas for kitchens, and today I’d like to share some ideas for home offices and workspaces that are going to make your space more practical and fun. Continue reading “Easy Chalkboard DIYs For Home Offices” »

A tiki torch is traditionally a bamboo torch that originated in Tiki culture but increased in popularity and spread to other places where it is a popular party decoration and can create a tropical island aesthetic to outdoor decorations. Today a tiki torch can be made of various bottles and jars and used not only for decor but also for bug protection. Continue reading “Cool DIY Tiki Torches For Your Outdoor Spaces” »

Traveling can be fun but if you have little ones, it can also be a long and often frustrating experience. Kids can get so bored on long road trips and without something to keep them busy, they are going to be constantly asking the dreaded, “Are we there yet?”. If you are planning a long trip, you need something to keep your little ones occupied. Continue reading “Fun DIY Travel Crafts to Keep Kids Busy on Long Trips” »

Ready for the best new trend in miniature gardens? Try a garden in a teacup! You can use your imagination and make an incredibly creative fairy teacup garden, or just add a touch of living charm to… well, to just about anywhere you can set down a teacup! It’s a great way to make some “living green” portable, charming and easy to take care of. Continue reading “DIY Teacup Gardens and Planters” »

Trunks were used for storage and for carrying luggage but today they can be used too. A vintage trunk is a great find – you may use it for storage, make a statement and add chic with it and even repurpose it into some furniture item. If you are lucky to have an old trunk at hand, don’t throw it away, renovate it! Here are some DIYs to do that. Continue reading “Awesome DIYs To Spruce Up A Vintage Trunk” »