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When it comes to mood lighting, there’s no better way to DIY than lanterns. Most of the creative ideas use candles which are the ultimate romantic mood makers. You can decorate with lights outside just as well as inside of your home too. So there are a lot of decorative benefits in making your DIY lanterns. We want to show you how easy it is and how you can use your creativity and imagination to make the most adorable lanterns. These crafts will have you make the best decorations for any season and occasion. So check out these tutorials and make some fantastic lanterns. Continue reading “Creative DIY Candle Lanterns for the Best Mood Lighting” »

October is Halloween month, which means decorating the home with spooky decor is a priority on our agenda! The goal is to create decorative pieces that will scare your neighbors but amaze the kids who will come trick-or-treating on the scariest night of the year. Wreaths have long been one of the most popular elements on people’s front doors! Follow the tradition and find the inspiration among these epic and creepy DIY Halloween wreaths! Continue reading “DIY Halloween Wreaths for The Spookiest Time of The Year” »

Halloween will be here before you know it. Prepare for the spooktacular holiday by getting creative with your DIY Halloween decor now. You save the stress of last-minute pumpkin carving and have plenty of decorations to use for years to come. With these unique Halloween decoration ideas, you’ll have the most festive house on the block (and maybe even the entire neighborhood). Continue reading “DIY Halloween Decorations to Start Making Now” »

We are officially consuming pumpkin-flavored things faster than leaves can fall off trees. And as much as we love eating it, we also can’t stop using it as decor. To kick off our Halloween decorating obsession, we’ve rounded up the best of the best in pumpkin design. So whether you’re getting intricate with it or just want to drill a few holes, these unique carving ideas will get you carving and embellishing creatively this Halloween. Continue reading “Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas and Designs” »

Can’t find a decent bookcase that suits your style or that fits in your price range? Then just build your own. It’s not as complicated or as difficult as you think and with some well-made bookcase plans you can definitely be successful. There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking to build a corner bookcase, one that’s tall and narrow or one that follows the guidelines of a particular style. We have some great ideas and plans that we’d like to share with you today. Think of these projects as an inspiration source for a custom bookcase which you’ll be designing yourself. Continue reading “Inspiring Bookcase Plans That Let You Take Matters Into Your Own Hands” »

Of all the great DIY decorations and projects to celebrate fall with, we like wreaths the most. They’re incredibly versatile as they can be displayed in lots of interesting ways and places and they can be made out of pretty much anything. Naturally, we’ve prepared a bunch of fall wreath design ideas that we’d like to share with you. Have a look and let us know which one is your favorite or send us your own original design to share with the world. Continue reading “Fall Wreath DIYs For The Love Of Autumn” »

We’ve been obsessed with candles and candle holders for a long time now. Nothing relaxes us as much while we write (or do pretty much anything else, for that matter) as having a lovely candle flickering in the background while we do about our day. It just makes us more relaxed! We’re also the kind of people, however, that get bored of our smaller décor pieces easily and like to change them out often. That’s why we’ve been pouring over unique candle holder ideas that will look great no matter the quality of candle or tea light you have access to. Continue reading “Awesome Homemade Candle Holder Ideas” »

Monograms are adored by many because of their personal element. The letter of your name, your partner’s name, family name or child’s name has a deep sentimental value to you and it’s always a nice gesture to celebrate it. We have picked out some gorgeous and unique monograms that you can DIY and proudly use as a personal element in your home! Here are some outstanding DIY monogram letters! Continue reading “Outstanding DIY Monogram Letters” »