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We’re itching for the leaves to become green again and our flowers to bloom. And adding a bit more color and life to the house sounds like a good ideas too. Petals, sunshine, and a bit of natural lighting sounds like a great way to rework the home, don’t you think? And with these floral wallpapers we’ll have your inspiration for springtime decor ignited and your wheels turning for some weekend DIYs. Continue reading “Floral DIY Wallpapers To Ignite Inspiration For Springtime Decor” »

Few decor accessories have such a high impact, and floral wreaths are among them. You can’t do without a beautiful wreath when decorating for a wedding, Holidays or even a birthday party. And there’s no better way to increase your curb appeal so easily as hanging a floral wreath on your door. The opportunities are endless with this brilliant item. Continue reading “Stunning and Creative Floral Wreath Ideas and DIY Crafts” »

A clock is a nice accessory for every home and it may accent your decor and even add color and print to the space. Skip boring and plain ones and look for bright clocks – on these pale winter days there’s nothing better than colors! These colorful clocks will brighten up your space adding fun to it, read the tutorials, choose and go craft one or several ones for cheering up your space. Continue reading “DIY Colorful Clocks For Bright Home Decor” »

Get ready for Easter this year with touches of spring around the home. With a garden-fresh palette and colorful eggs, this cheery decor is a welcome change from winter hues. With cheerful colors, friendly bunnies, and baskets overflowing with Easter eggs, this Easter decorations will fill your home with style and joy!
Continue reading “DIY Easter Decorations That Bring All the Spring Cheer” »

Easter simply isn’t the same without candy. After all, when you think of the spring holiday, Easter baskets filled with cute chocolate bunnies and pretty pastel Easter candy eggs are among the first images that come to mind. From DIY Cadbury eggs to easy Peeps treats, our homemade Easter candy recipes are so good, you may never buy store-bought candy again. Call the kids to the kitchen – it’s time to whip up some easy candy recipes. Continue reading “Easy Easter Candies to Make with Your Kids” »

For your ideal Easter table décor you’ll need cool napkin rings to accentuate the table setting and the holiday that you celebrate. Let’s start from an easy project – print some bunnies and add burlap underneath, and here you are! Bunny ears are a popular idea for an Easter napkin ring, you can make them colorful or rustic – of burlap. Continue reading “Easy DIY Easter Napkin Rings To Make” »

Easter is coming, and it’s time to think over organizing a cool Easter lunch or dinner for your friends and family. We’ve already told you about many cute Easter décor ideas; today we’ll discuss place cards and card holders for your cozy party. So, this is Easter and eggs are the most natural decoration, so you may use usual eggs for place cards. Paint them, attach sequins, chalkpaint them and write the names right on them. Continue reading “DIY Easter Place Cards And Card Holders To Make” »

A bath caddy or tray is a necessary piece to make your bath luxurious and spa-like: put there your tablet, smartphone, reader, a book, a candle and a glass of wine to enjoy! If you love taking baths, it’s a must, and making one won’t take much time while turning your bathroom into a spa. There are many ideas to make a bathroom caddy or tray to fit any bathroom style and look, most of them are made of wood but you may find some more ideas like lucite, for example. Here are some cool DIYs to try, go for any that you like. Continue reading “DIY Bath Caddies And Trays For Relaxing Experience” »


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