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Cohabiting with the animals can be one of the loveliest experiences and birds are one of those animals that are practically everywhere. They’re always above us, soaring happily in the sky. But every now and again even they must stop and rest. So if you don’t mind sharing your backyard with some feathered friends, here are DIY birdhouses you can make for them to rest (and nest) in! Continue reading “DIY Birdhouses For Your Feathered Friends” »

Making hand-painted mugs seems like something a child would do. But it’s actually a great way of personalizing a mugs and it’s also a very nice idea for a gift you might like to give to a close friend. In this article, we have gathered several examples that will show you how you can do that and that will hopefully serve as inspiration for your own original project. Continue reading “DIY Hand-painted Mugs That Are A Great Gift for Everyone” »

Nothing gives our garden a magical feeling quite like lanterns. They really set the ambient and are very romantic. They’re perfect for dinner parties with friends and date nights with your chosen one. Lanterns are not just a simple décor element, they are an experience. If you’d like to have this romantic, beautiful garden experience yourself, make a DIY lantern! Continue reading “Creating A Romantic Atmosphere With DIY Lanterns” »

From mini muffins and mini milk and cookies to mini skirts and mini disco balls, we’ve pretty much proven that bigger isn’t better. And the same holds true for party favors. So whether you’re throwing an engagement party, a baby shower, a birthday bash or just a random spring fling, go mini with these favor jars! They might be less than pint-sized, but these vessels can hold flavor-packed goodies that will make a huge impact. Continue reading “Fun Sized! DIY Party Favor Jars” »

Improving your home’s curb appeal does not have to be difficult or expensive. Sometimes, just one little change can make a world of difference. Take your mailbox for instance. If you have an old worn out mailbox, it can make your entire property seem a bit less than spectacular.  Continue reading “Amazingly Easy DIY Mailboxes That Will Improve Your Curb Appeal” »

Unless you’re holding onto a stash of heirloom oil paintings in the loft, it can be difficult to decorate your walls without ending up with what feels like a generic mix of prints. But a little creativity and a good eye for design are all you need to embellish your home with some more original offerings. Think about which wall-hung pieces you can add to each room to create a cohesive, curated space. These achievable examples should give you some ideas for where to get started on your biggest blank canvas. Continue reading “Cool and Creative Ideas for Wall Hangings” »

Wood signs have always been a simple way to bring the rustic charm into your home. There are plenty for sale in home decor stores, but making them yourself gives you a total freedom over their look and the message they will carry. If you can see one of them soon beautifying your home, pick your chosen one from this roundup of DIY wood signs! Continue reading “Rustic Charm: DIY Wood Signs to Hang in Your Home” »


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