What to look for when choosing a baby nest?

We are parents ourselves

We all know how much you care for your child. For children’s development, sleep is critical in the early years. For the most satisfactory quality sleep, you need to provide your infant with a safe and nurturing environment. Although a crib is more common, other baby nests are available for tucking your little one in at night. Learn more about baby sleeping nests and how to choose the ideal one for your child here!

Are baby nests essential?

Whether you’re a fan of the idea that a baby should sleep in his own bed, or in his parents’ bed, or that the best place for him during naps is right in your lap, a baby nest will always be a very useful item in your baby wardrobe. Your baby has just come into the world – and what a huge place for someone who was in their mother’s tummy! As he adapts to all the new things out there, he’ll still be looking for that familiar feeling of snuggling and envelopment.

The baby nest tries to provide that feeling of familiarity again. They are very comfortable to sleep in, the shape is reminiscent of the mother’s womb, and the sides surround the baby, making him feel as protected as he was before he came to say hello to his parents. While they may provide some extra calm and tranquillity (sometimes much needed) at bedtime, they also provide extra security, so at A Matter Of Style we believe they are already an essential for any baby. And we love to see babies sleeping in nests!

Are baby nests safe?

A baby’s nest is safe, and can even increase safety during sleep! As with all other places where baby sleeps, make sure that baby is not too warm in the nest, which could make it difficult for him to breathe. Be careful with the room temperature, with blankets that are too warm and with accessories placed on baby’s head. At the same time, always use a firm, solid surface to place the nest.

If you are reading about baby’s sleep, you probably already know that the safest position for baby to sleep is on his back. One of the main advantages of having a nest is precisely to prevent baby from turning to the side or downwards while sleeping, after laying him down. As they are higher, the sides of the nest serve to do just this, as well as being cosier for the baby. For both reasons, they must be very tight to the baby.

We are parents ourselves, and sure know the importance of little ones having a safe, familiar and secure place to rest allowing us to get some hands free time and a moment to ourselves. So let's dive in to the top things to look for when choosing that perfect space for your baby to rest!

Another great advantage is that by choosing a lightweight and portable nest, it will also be easier and more convenient to take it anywhere. This means that even if you have your baby on your lap, you can always have the nest at your disposal in case you need to put it down for a few moments. This way, baby stays safe as if he were on your lap and you can keep an eye on him.

If you sleep with your baby in your bed, or even on the sofa during a nap, then a baby nest is a highly recommended choice to increase safety during sleep. The sides help prevent something or someone from accidentally covering the baby while sleeping. Sharing the parents’ bed, the shape also helps to keep the baby in the safest place – between the pillows.

How to choose a baby’s nest?

We are parents ourselves, and sure know the importance of little ones having a safe, familiar, and secure place to rest allowing us to get some hands-free time and a moment to ourselves. So let’s dive into the top things to look for when choosing that perfect space for your baby to rest!

Mattress Firmness

Above all, the bottom of the nest should be smooth, firm, and even, to reduce the risk of suffocation. As comfortable as it may seem, it is a bad idea to choose a mattress made of memory foam, or other material that is softer, as this may increase the risk of suffocation. Even if it is small, it is a risk that any mother will want to eliminate completely. At the same time, avoid putting any accessory inside the nest, such as a waterproof cover. If you prefer to do so, make sure that it is well attached, and that it will not come off during sleep.

You want your baby to be comfortable when resting in the baby nest, but you also want to make sure that they stay safe. Make sure the mattress is soft, but firm, and meets Cot Mattress Standards for infant sleep surfaces. This is important as research studies have established that an infant mattress that is too soft is dangerous to babies under 12 months of age. If you want extra security to ensure that baby doesn’t turn over while sleeping, look for a model with a belt that wraps around baby’s waist.

Quality of Materials

Also, check the quality of the fabrics that make up the nest. To minimise the risk of allergies, check that the nest has quality certifications, such as GOTS and Standard 100 from OEKO-TEX, which guarantee the minimum use of chemicals and testing against harmful substances.

With so many options of baby nests on the market there is also a wide variety of materials used to produce each brand of nests, and it’s really important to know what your baby is spending a large amount of time resting on.

We believe the best materials are natural, breathable, and sustainable materials with the best of the best being materials that are Certified Organic. These types of materials are not only best for bub now, but also for the health and wellbeing of their future. The use of synthetic materials, such as Polyester, is commonly used for many Baby Nests on the market.

Washing and Portability

To reduce the bacterial risk, look for a nest with a machine washable cover. This way, in case of any accident, you can easily remove the cover, wash it and put it back on, or replace it with another one.

As parents ourselves we understand the importance of any baby product purchased needing to be easy to clean and easy to transport. We all know babies can be messy, they can have accidents, and being able to quickly and swiftly clean the space they are resting on is really important.

Two options to help with ease of washing the Baby Nest: Removable Liners and Removable Covers. The option of a removable Liner can really help with limiting the amount of washing needed, and having a removable Cover means the whole Nest doesn’t always need to be washed (hooray for quicker drying times!). Being able to interchange Covers on the Baby Nest also allows for the option of having a second cover on hand so bub never needs to be without their cosy sleeping space.

Ensuring the Baby Nest is portable also means that you can take your babies favourite space to sleep on anywhere, at anytime. To the park, a friends house, on an aeroplane, to the beach – options are endless! Having a familiar space can help encourage bub to take their nap when needed and it’s also pretty awesome being able to get some hands free time even when you’re out and about.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This by far is the most fun part about choosing the right Baby Nest! Whether you’re after a bold print to suit your personality, a basic shade of colour that blends in with your home decor or perhaps just a really pretty print that catches your attention – having options is crucial. Some baby nests have the option of interchangeable Covers which we believe is kind of life changing! Perhaps it’s basic shades for around home and pretty patterns for adventures out and about – the options are limitless.

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