How should I choose the right wall sticker for my child’s room?

Childhood is a time of discovery

Childhood is a time of discovery, curiosity, and development, with children increasingly seeking autonomy and new adventures. A bedroom is a special place for children, where they rest and often play. Nowadays, the children’s room has been gaining more and more attention in terms of decoration, and wall stickers are an excellent alternative to enhance the children’s room without having to spend too much.

Children’s wall stickers come in a wide range of sizes, models, and themes, and are perfect for creating a child’s room in a playful way that stimulates the child and all their senses.

How to choose the most suitable children’s wall sticker for my child?

For each stage of childhood, there is an ideal room model and, because of this, the decoration should also be different. So, an older child’s room will not be the same as a baby’s, and stickers can help you in this transition of decoration.

Baby’s room

The baby’s room naturally has much more to do with the parents’ taste than the child itself and is usually composed of delicate elements that stimulate the child in its development.

When choosing children’s wall stickers for the baby’s room, opt for the most delicate stickers, with fewer details, and in more neutral colours, especially if the sticker is near the cot. This is because very flashy stickers can distract the baby’s attention and disturb him at bedtime, for example. Excessive stimuli are not healthy for babies, so it is better to opt for moderation when choosing stickers.

Children’s rooms from 2 years onwards

From the age of 2, children become more aware of the world and their own tastes and preferences. In addition, this is usually the time when they get their own bed and gradually become more independent. For this phase, you can choose stickers that fit in with the child’s personality and tastes, respecting their age group and the general decoration of the room. The use of stickers will stimulate the child’s playful side and help their development and creativity.

Types of children’s wall stickers

Many are the motifs of children’s wall stickers in order to please as many children as possible. Trendy characters and successful designs are almost always popular with older children and can be translated into sticker form.

Nature: Stickers in the shape of plants, trees, flowers, butterflies, and owls are ideal for baby rooms, while those in the shape of giraffes, lions, and more colourful designs are perfect for older children. If the child is passionate about animals, for example, it is possible to make a real safari in his room using only stickers.

Childhood is a time of discovery, curiosity and development, with children increasingly seeking autonomy and new adventures. The bedroom is a special place for children, where they rest and often play. Nowadays, the children's room has been gaining more and more attention in terms of decoration and wall stickers are an excellent alternative to enhance the children's room without having to spend too much.

Cartoons: Almost nothing grabs children’s attention more than the cartoons that are released frequently and often become real children’s fairs. So, if your child is passionate about Peppa Pig or Minions, for example, her room can receive a fun touch by using stickers of the characters.

Height: Many children love to check their height frequently and it is possible to use height stickers to replace the old markings made with pencils on the wall. This way, the child will have a space where they can see how much taller they are getting without having to make a mess on the walls.

Avoid stereotypes: When decorating a child’s room, it’s not necessary to stick to the stereotypes that say that pink is only for girls and blue is for boys. Instead of sticking to these conventions, listen to what the child has to say, see what he likes and decorate according to his preferences, whatever they may be.

What are the advantages of wall stickers for children?

As for the advantages of children’s wall stickers, apart from the fact that they are cheap and easy to apply, which is common to all types of decoration stickers, they have advantages that are especially useful when it comes to children: they do not leave a smell and can be easily changed.

No smell

A great advantage of using adhesives is that after their application there will be no residual smell, unlike what happens with paint, for example. So, you won’t need to worry about keeping the children out of the room for a while and neither will it affect allergic children.

They can be easily changed

Because they are developing, children’s tastes can change easily and the fact that stickers are cheap, easy to apply and easy to remove helps in the fact that you can keep up with your child’s tastes by giving up decorating with stickers. So when your child gets sick of a character, you won’t have to spend a lot to remove it.


There are several models, sizes, and shapes that allow you to stimulate creativity and daring when decorating. Among the advantages of the wall sticker is the fact that the material is totally customized and can translate the individuality of who will inhabit the space, either harmonizing with the furniture or even composing a thematic decoration, for example. In addition to providing beauty and sophistication, the wall stickers can be of the most different themes and tones, just combine the art with the decoration style.


Decorative wall stickers are very easy to apply, especially when compared to other decorative tools such as wallpaper and textured paintings. For the application, just clean the place where the adhesive will be applied beforehand and glue it little by little, wiping it with a cloth to remove the air bubbles. That’s it! The decoration was done in a few minutes.

Cost – Benefit

The decorative wall sticker has an excellent cost-benefit when compared to other decorative objects such as pictures, murals, and even a differentiated painting. Even in larger sizes, the adhesive has an affordable price, and it is not necessary to pay for the installation costs. With the adhesive, it is possible to change the whole layout of an environment at a very low cost and without making a mess or requiring construction work. Time-saving is something that pleases the people who look for the adhesive since a painting can take more than a week to be ready.


Decorative wall stickers can be completely customizable according to the taste and needs of each child. For homes, it is possible to customize according to each room and can have themes of characters and animals for children’s rooms and whatever else your imagination wants.

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