The rest of children and babies is essential for their proper development, as well as to improve their performance at school. To achieve proper rest, it is necessary not only to choose a good children’s mattress but also a children’s pillow recommended for their age. This type of pillows for children and babies have specific properties to favour their rest night after night. That is why it is important to pay attention to several factors.


The size of the pillow is the first point to consider before buying. In the case of cot pillows, it is important that they fit the maximum size of the cot so that they are not too big. However, you should know that cot cushions can only be used when babies are over 12 months old. Newborn babies do not need a cushion, as its use can cause some injuries by forcing the natural curvature of the neck.

The case of children is different, so the size of the pillow should be the same size as the bed. Therefore, when making your purchase you can choose the size you need from the different options.


It is always preferable for a child’s cushion to be low. However, parameters such as the child’s height or the different stages of growth must be analysed when choosing the ideal pillow. For example, for a baby sleeping in his cot, a height of 5 cm is more than enough, as he does not need more height to ensure the correct support and alignment of his little spine in formation. On the other hand, in infant pillows designed for children, a height of around 10 centimetres would be the most convenient.


According to sleep experts, the most recommended firmness in a pillow for children and babies is preferably medium-soft. Remember that the ideal pillow, for both children and adults, is one that allows the head, neck and back to be aligned in the same position as they would be standing. As children are not as large as adults, a medium- or high-firm pillow may cause cervical problems and not allow them to rest properly.

The rest of children and babies is essential for their proper development, as well as to improve their performance at school. To achieve a proper rest, it is necessary not only to choose a good children's mattress, but also a children's pillow recommended for their age.


There are different types of filling in a conventional pillow for adults. However, when we talk about stuffing for children’s pillows, more than the diversity of materials, what really matters is to ensure a comfortable and safe rest.

For this reason, in most of our models, the filling is composed of a hollow fibre carded and siliconised that gives the rest a sponginess ideal for the little ones. In addition, the filling of these pillows is hypoallergenic, to avoid any kind of reaction in the child. Important, right?


Breathability is also an important factor when choosing a child’s pillow. A high level of breathability ensures a cooler environment around the child and allows the body heat it gives off during rest to be dissipated, especially if it tends to be warm.

We hope this guide has been helpful and has helped you in your choice of a child’s pillow. Remember that a good rest is essential for the correct physical and cognitive development of the little ones, as they are in the middle of their growth phase.

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