Definitely built specifically for children, a cabin bed has a wide base and is very stable. What child hasn’t jumped on the bed? A cabin bed is very sturdy and hard to tip over. Additionally, some models have side panels or guard rails so that a sleeping child does not fall off the bed. Some models have curved bedposts and rounded corners to further add to the safety of your active child.

Due to the height of a cabin bed, it is worth noting that they are designed for children aged 6 years and above, however, there are certain styles of cabin beds such as lower cabin beds which are suitable for younger children, and mid and high sleepers which would be appropriate for older children and teens.

As designs vary, you will find that most styles come with three steps up to the bed which tend to be fairly deep, so that they are safe and practical for children over 6, other designs come with a small, low ladder so again, designed to be safe and ensures easy access and up and down.

Definitely built specifically for children, a cabin bed has a wide base and is very stable. What child hasn’t jumped on the bed? A cabin bed is very sturdy and hard to tip over.

We can only answer with 100% certainty for our own beds, but our kid’s cabin beds are made with safety in mind. We understand that our beds are made for kids and we would never produce anything that was unsafe to anyone, especially not young children to whom personal safety may not be as apparent.

Safety rails are in place to prevent falling whilst your child sleeps and its sturdy, durable structure also ensures that these beds are safe for children. Throughout the range you will notice that many of our cabin beds have rounded edges to further prevent and reduce possible injuries.

Cabin beds are a great investment for your child

A cabin bed will prove to be effective in taking advantage of the space available, as it can have the same space as a bed, drawers, a cabinet, a desk, and even another bed all within the space that a single bed would normally occupy. Also, since all these items of furniture can be replaced, a cabin bed ends up actually being an economical purchase. The sturdy quality of most cabin beds means they will last for years and not need replacing, another reason they are economical.

Opting for a cabin bed is a great investment as many of these beds can later be converted into a low single bed when the child has outgrown the concept of sleeping up high.

Many brands offer an ingenious building system that gives you total flexibility as your child grows. You can begin with a starter bed or single bed and then by using a clever extension kit, you can raise your existing bed frame to a bunk bed or high sleeper bed.

There is a wide variety of cabin bed styles and designs available – wooden or metal beds; retro, rustic, or art deco beds; pirates, pilots, and princess beds – literally hundreds to choose from.

The style you choose can fit with the theme you have chosen for your child’s room, making it decorative and unique. Additionally, the compact arrangement of storage space will give your child’s room a neat and tidy appearance.

It is not difficult to see why cabin beds are highly popular as they offer a wonderfully flexible design, integrating a multitude of great storage and features, as well as the fun factor for kids that love to play.

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