Recently, with the help of techniques such as the Montessori method, children’s rooms have evolved a lot. Today mums recognize that these rooms can be much more than just a space to store toys and clothes and accommodate the little ones at bedtime. Therefore, we developed this post presenting the benefits of Montessori beds.

A well-planned children’s room can provide essential stimuli for the development of children! Among the furniture of a Montessori baby room that exists, the beds occupy a position of great relevance.

To help you better understand the characteristics of this furniture and explore their contributions to the application of the pedagogical method responsible for increasing the autonomy of children, we brought in this post all the benefits of Montessori beds. Continue reading and get informed!


One of the greatest obstacles to the development of children’s autonomy is the fact that children need help in everything they do. As traditional beds and cots are difficult to access, the little ones can’t climb in and out freely and end up depending on their parents to perform basic activities such as sleeping and waking up.

To teach them to make simple decisions independently and get around the situation, Montessori mini beds are the way to go. The size of the furniture is compatible with that of the child and the bed is close to the ground, so that children have free access to rest, get up, and play when they want.

In the short term, the freedom provided by the Montessori bed is responsible for stimulating important factors such as autonomy and decision-making. Its long-term importance is even greater since it includes the creation of independent, creative, and self-assured children, characteristics that every mother wants to inspire in her little one.


As the height of the Montessori bed is reduced, safety is increased. As this piece of furniture can be used early, the concern of mums that her baby will roll off the bed and hurt the height is remedied in the first months of the baby’s arrival and the family can be more relaxed about accidents like this.

Besides the low height, another factor that shows how much safer Montessori beds are is the fact that they allow the inclusion of protective railings! So, if the child is still in the phase of rolling a lot or if you just want to ensure that protective barrier more, you can buy a grid and mount it on the furniture without difficulty.

And when we talk about safety, we’re not only referring to the physical safety of the little ones, but also to the emotional feeling of being protected and comfortable in their own bed, which is essential to make your child sleep alone in the room.


The independence provided by Montessori beds results in another benefit for children: increased functionality of the room. The furniture in ‘normal’ size makes the world seem inaccessible to the little ones, so adapting them to their size allows them to find many other possibilities for uses, play, and activities in your room.

A well-planned children's room can provide essential stimuli for the development of children! Among the furniture of a Montessori baby room that exists, the beds occupy a position of great relevance.

In fact, this fact of increasing the possibilities and the flow of people in a room is very advantageous not only for children’s rooms but also for adult bedrooms! To further evolve this concept, see how to create a multifunctional room in our post and ensure the optimization of the entire family’s rooms!

Cost-benefit and practicality

Did you know that the Montessori beds are made to grow along with the little ones? Unlike cots that are static, this furniture can be adapted in many ways as time goes by so that it is not necessary to renew it at each stage of the child.

As an example of this, we have the protection bars mentioned above, which can be added when your child is small and removed when he or she is older and wants more freedom in the space. In other words, much more cost-benefit and practicality for the baby’s room!


Besides helping to save money, the flexibility of Montessori beds allows a very fun and organizational increase in children’s rooms. That’s because the furniture has a capacity of “construction”, in which you can integrate a slide, roof, shelves, niches to put books, and what else creativity asks.

With these playful additions, children gain endless possibilities of new games – which, by the way, do much more than just entertain, because they stimulate creativity, problem-solving and cognitive and motor development! Who would have thought that all this would be possible with just one bed, right?

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