A children’s bean bag chair is exactly what it sounds like – a bean bag for your little one to relax in! Bean bags for babies are usually filled with dried beans or polystyrene so they can mold to your child’s body shape and size.

By choosing a bean bag with a soft fabric surface, you can easily replace traditional bouncers and rockers that don’t necessarily suit every child. The newborn bean bags also have an adjustable harness to keep your baby safe when they start getting wriggly (though you should never leave your baby unattended)!

Should I Buy a Baby Bean Bag?

Of course, knowing how comfortable your baby’s going to be in any kind of chair is impossible until they’re actually in it. Maybe they’ll sleep better in a bouncer or bean bag, or maybe they’ll only fall asleep if their mother rocks them. If you can, ask your new mummy friends if you can test things out with your little one and try before you buy.

Don’t forget that your baby has a unique personality and will often change their mind! If you choose a children’s bean bag, make sure it adapts and grows with your child. When they’re ready, your baby will snuggle up and get cosy in no time. Still not convinced? To find out how valuable baby bean bag chairs can be to new parents, we investigated them.


Inside a toddler bean bag, there are thousands of small springy beans that support good posture by moulding to the shape of your little one’s body. Standard furniture can either be too hard and uncomfortable, or so soft that it does not provide any support. The best baby bean bag seat will achieve the perfect balance between the two. It should be flexible enough to provide complete cosiness, and supportive enough to hold your baby.

Children’s bean bag chairs also keep your youngster upright, helping to prevent common conditions in babies like flat head and acid reflux – though we can’t promise you won’t come across any milky spit up!


Baby bean bag chairs are great for enhancing comfort by adapting to your child’s head and spine. Because the bean bag chair conforms to your infant’s natural position, the soft filling allows them to sit however they like. It offers extra comfort for babies who don’t like to settle in a chair that doesn’t adjust to their body. Infant bean bags also have comfy fabric surfaces that are soft on your baby’s skin, keeping them extra cosy during nap times!

A children's bean bag chair is exactly what it sounds like - a bean bag for your little one to relax in! Bean bags for babies are usually filled with dried beans or polystyrene so they can mold to your child's body shape and size.


A baby bean bag grows with your child. You can remove the harness once your baby can sit up and walk independently when some models come with removable straps. There are even bean bags that can be used between 0-3 years old, so your little one will remain comfortable all the way into toddlerhood! Be sure to check the age label and safety instructions before making a purchase.

Children’s bean bags make a great multi-functional seat that can be used by kids and adults when they’re older. They’re especially useful for when your baby hits the teenage years (it’ll come round faster than you think!) and wants their own stylish cool seat.

Easy to Clean

Managing baby mess is no mean feat. Most parents will tell you how difficult it is to survive the unavoidable food throwing, milk dribbles, dirty nappies and those baby hiccups that aren’t just a burp.

But the best baby bean bag seats have wipe-clean surfaces, so you can easily mop up spills. Some also have a removeable outer layer that can be popped in the wash if your baby has a little accident.


Toddler bean bags are lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them anywhere you and your little one go. Whether you’re visiting granny’s house or off for a weekend away, an infant bean bag can come with you. Many designs come with grab handles so you can easily move the seat from one room to another around the house. Don’t forget to take your little one out first!


Children’s bean bag chairs are not only practical, but they also look great in your home! Funky and cool, they are a great addition to any modern interior design. Baby bean bags don’t just need to be functional. There are lots of colors and unique designs available, so you can easily pick one to match your décor. From a princess pink baby bean bag to a jazzy printed chair, there’s lots of styles out there to freshen up your living room, bedroom or baby playroom.

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