Do you ever wonder why you should buy rattles for babies? Here are some reasons to help buy the best rattles for babies. Find out why baby toys are so crucial to a child’s development.

From the moment they are born, babies have to learn everything. They learn how to cry, talk, crawl and walk. By taking in the sights and sounds of the world around them they are able to develop physically and cognitively. The majority of your little one’s learning will come from play and exploration. Rattles are not just a source of entertainment for a baby to play with. Babies can learn several new skills from them.

They teach cause and effect

Lightly moving a rattle usually activates a sound, which provides immediate auditory feedback. By providing instant feedback, babies learn that their actions (moving the rattle) cause a reaction (sound). Because rattles are so easy to operate, they are the first toys that show babies they can manipulate their environment.

They grab a baby’s attention

The first step to interacting with your baby is to get her attention. Using a baby rattle with a unique sound is a perfect way to do so. Shake a rattle using a variety of beats and rhythms and watch your baby’s face light up with excitement and curiosity.

They encourage grasping skills

As a baby grows, its grasp gradually changes. Initially, babies grasp objects with their whole hand. After one year, they can pick up small objects (Cheerios, beads) with their thumbs and index fingers. Baby rattles are the most comfortable toys to grasp since they are held with the whole hand. The initial grasps are an important step towards developing more mature grasp patterns as the hand and fingers become stronger.

The majority of your little one's learning will come from play and exploration. Rattles are not just a source of entertainment for a baby to play with. Babies can learn several new skills from them.

They can be used to promote gross motor milestones

Rattles and rattle sounds can be very motivating for babies. When you place them slightly out of reach and encourage your baby to get them, you can encourage motor milestones such as crawling, reaching, and even pulling to stand.

They foster hand eye-coordination

Babies practice hand-eye coordination by first swatting at and eventually reaching for desired objects with more precise movement. Motivating and engaging sounds will encourage babies to practice reaching until they are able to do so accurately.

They promote cognitive milestones

Cognitive milestones, such as object permanence, can be promoted by rattles. Encourage a baby to find a rattle by hiding it out of sight. Additionally, rattles can teach children to follow one-step directions and to imitate. For example, say, “give me the rattle,” or shake a rattle, then ask a baby to do the same.

They provide tactile stimulation

Rattles come in a variety of textures and shapes for babies to feel. Many of them can also be used as teething toys because they provide tactile stimulation to the mouth. Teething toys teach babies about tactile properties that will eventually help them distinguish (soft, hard, bumpy, hot, cold) by touch and sight.

They provide auditory (hearing) stimulation

Various sounds can be introduced to babies through rattles. Shaking and banging rattles on different surfaces helps babies experience different tones, volumes, and rhythms.

They encourage exploration

Rattles encourage curiosity, observation, and manipulation, which lead to learning. They are one of the first toys that a baby can manipulate independently.

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