In recent years, baby nests have become one of the essential products for parents to buy for their newborn baby. But why is it so popular and are they safe?

What do I use a baby nest for?

One of the reasons that baby nests have become so popular, is that today doctors and healthcare professionals recommend babies to sleep on their backs. Placing your baby on his or her back to sleep decreases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). In a baby nest, the baby is placed on the back and the possibility of turning over to the stomach is reduced.

Baby nests are also popular for parents who choose to have their baby sleeping in their own bed. Co-sleeping is usually not recommended by healthcare professionals. However, if you choose to have your baby between you in the bed, a baby nest keeps your baby in the same place in the bed, when co-sleeping. Reducing the risk of you rolling over the baby when sleeping. The baby’s head is (or should) be located at the same height as the parents head. In that way, it’s less likely that the head accidentally gets covered with a duvet or a blanket during the night.

In recent years, baby nests have become one of the essential products for parents to buy for their newborn baby. But why is it so popular and are they safe?

At last, many parents experience that baby nests create a feeling of safety and familiarity. The surrounding environment resembles the mother’s womb. At the same time, it creates a familiar environment for the baby when you find yourselves in new places.

But are baby nests safe?

As baby nest is a relatively new product on the market, there are no safety standards that regulates and makes sure they are safe. When baby nests have too soft edges and mattress, it can create a risk for suffocation. The risk is that the baby places the face in the soft edges, and can’t take himself out of the position.

Within the EU, a standard is being created for baby nests, which will make it easier for parents to choose the right products.

What to think of when buying a baby nest?

  • Safety. Is the baby nest safety tested in any way? Check the softness and of the sides and the mattress.
  • How long you can use the product. Baby nests come in different sizes. You both want it to fit for your newborn, but also be able to adjust it to your growing baby.
  • Material. You should choose products that are made of Oeko-Tex standard 100 product class 1 certified material. That way you know you are getting the best and safest products for your baby.
  • If the baby nest has more than 1 function you can use it longer and might save money and space by just buying one product.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, the baby nest gives your baby their own cosy place to watch the world go by. It also gives busy parents flexibility while still making sure your baby feels at home wherever you go. So, when your little one is not in your arms, place them in the baby nest on a flat surface and it’s ready to be used for baby rest time, your hands-free time or play time.

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