What age can you use baby sleeping bags?

When your baby reaches the age to stop swaddling

When your baby reaches the age to stop swaddling, baby sleeping bags are better than bed sheets and baby blankets. Your baby will sleep better in a comfy sleeping bag. Duvets and baby sheets can get twisted under your baby and create a suffocation threat. Baby sleeping bags will keep your baby’s face clear and free from being covered. A baby sleeping bag will also keep your baby warm so he or she does not wake up in the middle of the night from being uncovered. Blankets can be kicked off and fall on the floor and that leaves your baby without any warmth.

Babies learn at an early age about their daily routines. When you are settling your baby down for the night and putting him or her into a baby sleeping bag, it sends a signal that it is now time to sleep. Your baby will sleep better in Marino wool, organic cotton or any other soft fiber that meets the requirements for the room temperature and season. So, in a review of why use a baby sleeping bag, here are some great benefits:

  • No need for extra bedding, baby bags are designed to give your baby the warmth and comfort needed.
  • Baby will not wake up cold because of kicking blankets off.
  • Baby stays a consistent temperature all night.
  • Safer sleeping environment, no chance of suffocation.
  • Prevents little feet from the crib bars, they will not get stuck.
  • Sleeping conditions stay the same when you transfer your baby from crib to bed.
  • Complete the cuddling routine at bedtime and gently lay the baby down for the night.
  • When visiting, the baby sleeping bag goes with you and gives the child a familiar environment.

When should we start using a sleeping bag for our baby’s sleep?

We recommend the use of a swaddle until approx 8-12 weeks. The swaddle is a wonderful sleep aid that keeps your baby snug as well as combating their Moro reflex. This reflex happens with a baby when they are about to fall asleep. It looks like a startle, and the baby feels like he is falling. Obviously, this will disrupt their sleep, and you will have to go through the settling process all over again!

When to Stop Wrapping Your Baby in Blankets

When your baby becomes frustrated with being wrapped up or not sleeping well at night, it might be time to switch to baby sleeping bags. When your baby starts to roll over, it is not as safe for your baby to be on his or her tummy. It is safer for the baby to be in his or her own baby sleeper that will protect them and keep them warm.

When your baby reaches the age to stop swaddling, baby sleeping bags are better than bed sheets and baby blankets. Your baby will sleep better in a comfy sleeping bag.

There is not one age or another that is better to start putting your baby in a sleeping bag. Some babies are ready to stop being wrapped up at 3 or 4 months old. If you are still wrapping your baby up in blankets at night and he or she is waking up all the time, it might be time for at least one arm to be free.

There are baby sleeping bags that allow for one arm to be free so the child can pick up a blanket or it’s binky for him or herself. This gives the child some freedom to move around, yet it keeps the baby safe and warm at night. If a child is wrapped up tight in blankets after 5 months, you most likely will have to go and put your baby back to sleep during the night.

How Many Sleeping Bags Are Needed?

It is recommended that you invest in at least two baby sleeping bags for each baby or toddler in the home. You will want to make sure you have a winter one and an extra, so one can be washed and you still have one to use. If your child goes into daycare during the day, it might be wise to send one there so your baby is well protected.

So, when should you stop using a baby sleeping bag?

Well, you can continue using one until they no longer fit! You may have an escape artist who won’t keep it on (make sure to try it backwards first) and they may decide they’re done with it themselves, but there’s no reason to stop otherwise.

There’s no set age that you have to stop using one. It usually isn’t a hard transition; it just takes some time for them to learn to keep a blanket on.

Most toddlers will wear a sleep bag while still in a crib and then transition into a sleep bag walker once they’re in a regular bed. Once they’re out of the sleep bag walker, they can use a toddler blanket!

Since the sleep sack can be a great sleep aide, there is no reason to rush your child if they are not ready to give it up. As with many things, each child is different and it will be up to you and your child to determine whether or not you want to use a sleep sack and whether or not it’s time to let it go.

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