The arrival of a baby is a revolution in any home. Nappies, long nights, lots of laundry, and of course, lots of new furniture, gadgets, and accessories. One of the first things a baby needs is a Moses basket or bassinet. At birth, little ones spend around eighteen hours a day sleeping, so having a comfortable place to rest and that we can move to keep an eye on the baby is almost essential.

Soon after this, the baby will move to the cot. Babies grow very fast and above all they learn new skills at an incredible speed. That’s why it’s important to know when to switch from a Moses basket to a cot so that your baby remains comfortable and, above all, safe.

When to switch from Moses basket to a baby cot?

The change from a Moses basket or bassinet to the cot, as well as being a change for the baby, is usually a big change for the parents too. In general, the baby cot is usually in what will be the baby’s room. So this change usually coincides with the baby’s “independence” at bedtime.

We remind you of the importance of equipping both the Moses basket and the cot with good mattresses. Babies need the best support. Their bodies are still developing and their bones are still soft and malleable. They also need to rest in a safe, healthy, and dry environment, so the mattresses must be fully breathable.

What is a Moses Basket or Bassinet?

A Moses basket or bassinet is a cot that is small enough for the baby to rest comfortably. It usually has wheels that allow you to move it from one room to another and thus keep an eye on your baby. They are a great help, especially in the case of new parents who need to watch their baby constantly until they are confident that nothing is going to happen. As it is a small piece of furniture, it is not annoying and can be placed in any small corner.

Most bassinets are fixed to their stands. Some stands are on wheels making it useful to move from room to room. Moses baskets are not fixed to their stands so they can be easily moved from room to room or taken elsewhere.

There is no single answer to this question. It depends on several factors that we will see below. In general, this moment comes around 6 months of age. Although there will be babies who need the change earlier and others for whom this moment may be delayed.

What is a baby cot?

Baby cots have larger dimensions, and are also equipped with more safety measures. Babies soon start to move around a lot and are able to grasp the bars and pull themselves up. Cots are much sturdier, heavier structures that cannot be moved from one room to another. They come in different sizes, although the most common are 60 or 70 centimetres wide and 120 or 140 centimetres long.

When should I change from a Moses Basket to a baby cot?

There is no single answer to this question. It depends on several factors that we will see below. In general, this moment comes around 6 months of age. Although there will be babies who need the change earlier and others for whom this moment may be delayed.

  • Baby’s growth: Not all babies grow at the same rate. Not even all babies are born at the same size. The little one must have enough space to be comfortable and should not touch any of the sides when lying down.
  • The baby starts to move: When babies start to move more, they need more safety measures, as well as space to do so comfortably. The cot, with its wider measurements, allows the baby to lie on its side or even sit up without fear of falling out.

How to change from a Moses basket to a cot easily?

The moment of moving from Moses basket to cot is not something that happens instantly. Little by little, we will see that this moment is approaching. In the meantime, we must gradually prepare the baby for the change. The ideal way to get the baby used to his new resting place is to start with small periods of time. For example, we can start by putting him in his cot for a few naps. If your baby has any cuddly toys or blankets that they usually rest with, it is a good idea to move them to the cot so that it is not a totally strange environment.

You can also start the transition by placing the cot in your bedroom at first, and when your baby is used to it, move it to his or her bedroom. If at that point the baby is still restless, you can go back and move it back to your bedroom. It’s not an exact science, and all children eventually sleep on their own. You just have to be patient and respect their pace.

Whichever way you choose to do it, there is no single answer if you are thinking about when to move from a Moses basket to a cot. The best thing to do is always to go with what your baby demands, there is no right time. Every baby is different and will do things at their own pace, parents are the ones who will have to adapt to them in most cases.

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